Terrific Thursday!


I believe today was a Terrific Thursday, I had a good fairly relaxing time today.  I worked hard this morning and then I got my nails done~ they look so much better.  Isn’t it amazing how little things like that can make you feel some much better!
I also shaved my legs today (my leg hair is very blond and have fine hair on my legs, so I only shave about 1 time a week– I am lucky!), another little thing that made my day, lol!!

As you may have guessed  I VALUE the “little things”…I truly believe that if you focus on doing the little things each day, making the correct little choices you face hundreds of times a day, that is what will lead you to success or failure.
and entire foundation of my book “Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved” is based upon this principle…Here is an EXCERPT

Every wise choice creates eternal benefits:
I believe that every positive choice you make concerning attitude, diet and fitness carries lifelong benefits. Simply put, every time you exercise, your body changes for the better on a cellular level.  Nobody can take it away from you!!  I’m talking about: every set, rep, cardio session, vegetable you eat, glass of water you drink, etc. Every good decision affects every cell of your body in a positive way forever!  When you truly understand this fact, it is powerful!
You must focus all your energy on doing everything in your power to create massive momentum toward reaching your goal.  The more momentum you create, the faster you will be successful!!  Keep in mind that every tiny little thing has an effect on your momentum. If you aren’t doing something to gain “Mojo” you’re losing it!
I know this might sound a little intimidating so let’s simplify. You must understand that success or failure will be determined by the little things that you do on a daily basis.  You need to choose get healthy and fit, to get “buff”, with every decision you face daily.  If you do your momentum will continue to build and you will continually move in a positive direction.  It’s the little things that you do habitually and consistently that create massive momentum.
I call the LITTLE THINGS you do daily the BuffMojo Basics.  They are guaranteed to get your momentum moving in a positive direction.  By now, you know that I believe in keeping things simple.  However, I almost never describe anything as “easy.”  The GREAT thing about the BuffMojo Basics is that they are all simple and easy!!  This is why they are so powerful:

The BuffMojo Basics:
Drink a glass of water
Eat a green veggie
Exercise for 2 minutes
Write down a positive affirmation
Write down 5 things you are thankful for
Identify 3 positive qualities in the next person you see
Pay someone a genuine compliment
Encourage someone
Stand up and stretch
Take 5 deep breaths, exhaling completely after each one.
Clean something for 2 minutes
Stretch for 3 minutes
Eat a piece of fruit
Eat a carrot
Take your Buffing/Boosting supplements
Not doing something negative counts as doing something positive!

Let’s use a mental illustration:
Picture a train parked on tracks that lead up a long gradual hill. This train represents your momentum.  At the top of the hill is success  your dream, goal, etc.).  At the bottom of the hill is a bottomless pit called failure.  Every positive imprint is fuel for the train making it speed up the hill.  Every negative imprint is like lead weighing the train down. Remember, you are either gaining speed going up the hill, creating a positive momentum to your goal, or you are rolling backwards towards destroying your momentum and possibly even creating a negative legacy.
Start making even little decisions based on whether or not it will create positive momentum or negative momentum toward your goals.   Every positive thought, deed, comment, action, and choice has the power to create more momentum.  You literally have thousands of opportunities every single day to gain momentum!!
Water or Coke?
Supplements over candy
Lettuce over cookies
Blueberries instead of ice cream
Banana over cereal bar
Oatmeal instead of fruit loops
Walk instead of a drive
Gym over mall
Workout vs. happy hour
cybex lat pulls
paired with hammer bicep curls

Success Tool 7- “5 Minute Mojo”
You can regain and build Momentum in less than 5 minutes! Do the little things listed below to create instant positive momentum ~
1- drink 10 oz of water
2- march for 1 minute
3- take 5 full deep breaths
4- stretch for 1 minute
5- eat a green veggie!

You have control over every decision!   The big picture is made up of the little things!

Be sure to VALUE the “little things”….

Today’s workout was good, FYI~ I am now buffing c-day 5…the last five days I’ve weighed 125 or 126
r-bike 10 mins

Seated rows
paired with ab glider
25reps x2 sets

shoulder press seated backwards
paired with knee ups on roman chair
45, 30

Hammer iso row
45 each arm x15

lateral raises
paired with
upright rows

1 set knee ups on bench 25 reps

Ran intervals on treddy
hard mins at 9.4, easy mins at 7.4– 1 hard;1easy 8 hard mins total

Then I tanned for the first time in about 3 weeks…it felt good and i talked to my sissy while I was in the bed.

I also got to talked to Julie and Lisa today~~ they are such super great gals :)

Love ya,
p.s. my legs are not nearly as sore as I thought they might be, THANK YOU JESUS!!  and so far I’ve done 3/10 weight workouts and 2 of 8 runs towards my b-day challenge– I’ll need to lift chest and run again tomorrow if I wanna hit my goals!



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  1. I like this post. It’s interesting. The BuffMojo Basics are fun. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Inspiring post. Thanks.

    Got #1 workout in this morning, had a buddy system going on from a couple friends which helped me stay focused and pushed me to do more. Staying more focused than ever, marching, marching, marching up that high towards my goal!

  3. This is my philosophy, too! Do the little things well, and the big things will take care of themselves!

  4. Love those mojo basics!! It’s AMAZING how GREAT it makes you feel when you do these things too!

  5. Wow! Really great stuff!!! I’m just back from vacation and I have been a good girl! Just no internet access where I was. Thanks for all these GREAT tips! Love them!!!

  6. Got ‘my’ workout in this a.m. and do as much cardio with my clients as possible. Sooo 2 trainings, myself, and two classes, and one last training. You would THINK I would be in better shape 😉

  7. Hey…somehow I already wrote on this one yesterday, but anyway! Hi, Michelle! Hope your day was good. I just walked two miles at the track with my daughter. She is in really good shape…a cheerleader, athlete, etc. When I think of how I would have missed that moment had I not started exercising this summer! We talked about the fact that she is leaving for college Tuesday. A real memory-making moment. I hope there will be many more like that in days to come.

    BTW: Will we ever get all the 40 tips together? They are all so good.

  8. Yay for the nails!! I love mine!
    Today was a terrific Thursday for me too!! My mojo was high for my boosting UB workout, today!!!

  9. Don’t know why but I got this email twice so here I am logging my accountability twice. Had a great workout this morning, hard sprints and felt wonderful afterwards.

  10. Day 25. I like that quote “you are in control of every decision” I could not agree more!! In every aspect of life!!

  11. This is the most AWESOME post!
    Because that is when change really happens-
    in the moment!

    Love you Michelle for being and doing this
    for ALL of us!


  12. We’re tanning today too! Ever done the Mystic tan? That’s what we’re doing today. 😀 Also cardio and abs today.

  13. Thanks for reminding me that each of the little “right” decisions really do add up. Many days I think back about all of the chances I had to eat “bad” foods and I congratulate myself on the many times I “just said no” or I chose something healthy instead. It’s sadly amazingly the number of opportunities we now have each day to indulge ourselves in foods or other activities that really aren’t in our best interest. How many times a day does a friend or co-worker offer you a doughnut, a homebaked cookie, a glass of wine, etc. It’s SOOOOO hard to keep saying no again and again, but at the end of the day I am thankful for my willpower.

  14. I try to remember that there are no have to’s everything is a choice and making one small choice at a time is much easier. I agree with the little things, I love when I get a pedicure (not often enough) but it always make me feel so much better, adding pep to my step literally!

  15. lots of interesting stuff today, thank you. I have your ht book and did some of the exercises out of it yesterday and I am feeling the pain in my upper legs. now I just need to keep with it. hope everyone has a great weekend.

  16. My legs are still sore today. Ya want me pose on one leg? I can barely walk with both legs 😉 Looking forward to the weekend. (I saw your add for the six-pack strap on YouTube. Do you use it?) Have a great weekend? You’re a blessing for this wanna-be BuffMother 🙂

  17. Thanks for the Buffmojo info. It is something I needed this morning. I am trying to do everything at once and not focusing on some of the smaller choices that would get me where I want to be.

  18. Wow! What a great way to put things. I never thought of doing 5 min. mojo. I think I’ll do it right now because I’m stessed. I’m thinking of buying the book, etc., but don’t know how it helps me if I take BHRT at a constant dose.

  19. I am greating a great legacy. This is my belief – my doubtcrusher. I am half way through your book and LOVE it. Thank you.

  20. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive. It’s hard to derail the negative soundtrack in the head…

  21. i have also found that balance is one of the hardest aspects to master–but that yoga is hard!!

  22. I did 30 miles on my bicycle and spent the reminder of the day at the beach with my 21 yr old daughter

  23. Yaa hoo! Great work out day – LEGS! Ouchy, but yippee great! Can’t wait for the buns of steel!!! 😀

  24. Haha…nothing to do with your MOJO basics, Michelle, but I’m currently watching the PowerPuff girls with my daughters and the episode includes Mr. Mojo…

  25. Great advise…I’ll have to try the 5 min mojo. I really need it especially on them stress days at work when I’m doing recruitment!

  26. Ran 3 1/2 miles with 106 lbs of kids and carriage in tow. No workout today, though. Caught some rays instead!

  27. I am losing track of my responses. Sorry. I have been keeping my success journal which has helped me keep the Buff Mojo Basics. I really appreciate the journal.

  28. Today was an intense cardio day, I feel pretty weak tonight! Maybe I’ll sleep well for a change….

  29. That was very inspiring,, all litlle things do count.. I am still not in the groove of things,, come monday i am ready for some major change.. School starts,a nd a new schedule begins.. i cant wait.. Things are gonna start happening for me.. cant wait..

  30. That was very inspiring,, all litlle things do count.. I am still not in the groove of things,, come monday i am ready for some major change.. School starts,a nd a new schedule begins.. i cant wait.. Things are gonna start happening for me.. cant wait..

  31. Great comment on balance. Thanks. Played soccer Saturday, because we were due to get 1 – 2 inches of rain on Sunday.


  32. I do agree that the little things make a difference. With every little step I take, I find myself getting closer and closer to my goal. Just like Aesop said, “Slow and steady always wins the race!”

    Keep pumping

  33. I’m almost finished with the book and seeing results. I’ve noticed that I have less “muffin top” and my “saddlebags” have slimmed down to the point that they are almost non-existing. Today is my first day of buffing and I’ve eaten great today. Hopefully I can get a workout in this evening with all that I have to do…otherwise, i’ll just push it extra hard tomorrow! Thanks for the motivation Michelle! This is a great program!

  34. I have been doing the 7 for 7 abs for almost a week now and I can already see results… for real? I didn’t think that could be possible! I can’t wait to see what I look like at week 7.

  35. WONDERFUL post. I’m going to make it a daily ritual!!

    Yesterday I was SO FAR off track!! How far? One word…..EGGNOG! Back on track today!!!

  36. Michelle, Yesterday was my first day for booty killing. LOL. And it is sore! 100 lundges is a killer.

    Great day today. I have cardio today and I am excited. I just did some photos (second set) and I feel better in the bikini (just not where I will be in another month) 🙂

    Love your post.


  37. Worked chest, back and abs yesterday, and ran 20 min of intervals on the treadmill….Today is legs, butt, and abs. It feels so good to be able to do ab work again!!!

  38. I am trying this out for sure the 5 minute thingy cuz I do tend to do the opposite of what I need to do Thanx 🙂

  39. posting a day late…somehow yesterday just got away from me. I did 10 minutes on the treadmill at 6.7 mph 2% incline, then did legs, then interval mountain on my elliptical. My lats are sore today. wtf? I think I’m pulling harder with my arms on the elliptical. I love sore muscles!

  40. (Got this late on Friday and didn’t get to email until today.)
    Positive thinking is so powerful. Thanks, I enjoyed reading this, reminded me of how important the “little things” mean.

  41. wow what an idea i can’t wait to do this 5minute mojo I am excited!!!!!!! worked out this morning did chest and cardio feeling great

  42. this is what attracted me to your workout. 20 min of interval not 45 min running. each day is a different set of muscles which takes about 30 min not a whole body workout for an hour. i just didn’t have the time for the other workout so i didn’t do it! i saw results within 2 weeks on your plan! awesome!

  43. incorported doing 75 pushups daily to my routine, 100 leg lifts and 100 sissy squats. Want my butt to be lifted higher

  44. I am almost 35 and sometimes my brain feels like it’s 100- LOL! Working out and eating right does help it though!

  45. How much sleep do reccommend a 24 yrold mother of 2? My bf thinks I sleep too much!

  46. the younger a person is the MORE sleep they need. And everyone is very individual on sleep needs. I’ve always needed a lot! I’m very active and a GO, GO, GO type person- 8 hours are a necessity for me now. At your age I often needed near 10 hours!

  47. What you focus on you empower. You can either empower the negative in life or the positive…i choose the positive!! Thanks for todays lesson!! 🙂

  48. Balance is important in all aspects of life. On my trip Im trying to figure out a balance b/n work, family and my time.

  49. im taking a day off today from exercise…im boosting, and ihavent had a day off since saturday…so here it is!!! I’ll be going bikini shopping instead! enjoy the day…..

  50. I have been with you a year. I completed the forty days last year and found a marked improvement in every part of my life. During the year that ‘mojo’ slipped away. About a month ago I picked up your book and reread some of it. The forty day challenge started and I am back on track. I never followed the kiss diet before. I just started three days ago and I am amazed of the ease and benefits. I am a clean eater however this helped my portions of protein, carbs etc in check and I am not having cravings. I am in buffing now and I feel great in control and have an extremely positive mental attitude due to your daily blog and accountability. Thank you.

  51. I worked my arms yesterday. Am seeing more and more definition in my arms, which makes me happy. I am keeping the faith that if I continue to work my legs, I will eventually see results there, too. My thighs are my most difficult body part!!

  52. you will see results- think of your legs as the “final frontier”!! You can discover what lies underneath!!

  53. didnt have time to get to the gym yesterday but did 50 lunges before leaving the house. It was something which is better than nothing!

  54. Love it you look great!! only got in 7 mins cardio the baby had a nightmare I did not wkno 2 year olds had nightmares but my son says he did and was very upset did do arms today so at least I got that done gotta go do Christmas Party invites then off to bed!!!

  55. So true. The little things build the MOJO. Thanks for the reminder to value the little things. They usually get overlooked.

  56. I too am thankful for the little things – they make a BIG difference in the big scheme of things. I am really enjoying reading and re-reading the Hormonal Timing book and am now getting into the Abs book, can’t wait to see the changes on MY abs! Thanks Michelle for the “RECIPE” ! :o)

  57. Dont sweat the small stuff but realize how the little things mean a lot especially when they are little gifts of yourself..your time and attention…given to others. 🙂

  58. I really needed to read about monentum again after being so sick. I’m still not 100% but I am getting better. Thanks!

  59. Thanks Melissa, Your consistency with commenting is AWESOME!! Every comment helps my website get more hits!! You are helping me a ton!! THANKS!

  60. definitely need to do BuffMother MOJO techniques- i’m feeling a little bit more positive today BUT mother nature granted me her lovely gift this morning so im trying to push through the crappy feelings to get through the day and get a great gym workout!

  61. I love the accountability of coming here daily. Im feeling GREAT about my daily accomplishments of working out and modifying my eating habits to support my goals. YAY ME!! YAY! to all the Buff Mothers out there.

  62. Day 25 – body is trying to tell me a cold is on its way..Im ignoring it…but will take it easy today with Nia and leave the weights and cardio alone today.

  63. Today was a very good Wednesday. Got in a good Tricep workout today and eats were good too. I am going to be adding yoga into my weekly schedule again. I love yoga. Have a great hump day.

  64. I have said for a lon gtime: “where you are is a product of your decisions….if you don’t like where you are, change your decision-making!”

  65. This is something I’m really working on! I like to push myself until I crack, but realize thats not working. Slow and steady wins the race, slow, determined focused effort.

  66. I’ve been stuck at this same weight for a month and it’s good to remember that sometimes the smallest of changes can get you back on track!

  67. You’re so right, it’s the little things that make a big difference. I need to take little steps to reach my goals – little, steady, easily achieved steps. Thank you for the reminder that Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day 🙂

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