1 of 10 and 1 of 8 DONE!


HI Ya!!
Well today was the first day of my B-day challenge and the tally is now 1of 10 weight workouts and 1 of 8 runs DONE!

I really, really value my ability to run…When I was younger I took for granted the ability I had for running, I used to profess to anyone who’d listen my HATRED for running.  I would say over and over again that the only reason I only ran was because I was good at it….I didn’t value it until it was taken away from me.

It was about 11 years ago when running became VALUABLE to me.  I got injured and I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to run again.  I couldn’t run with out extreme pain…we tried everything to rehab it, I had MRI’s done, cortisone shots, etc….but within about 6 months it got so bad that I was walking with a limp and in constant pain.  Finally I had surgery (a scope) to see what was wrong and to hopefully clean out some debris that was causing the pain.  The surgery showed I had chondromalacia on my Tibia (which is basically degeneration on the head of my shin bone on the outer side of my knee).  It was something that caused my knee to ache 24/7 and the doctor basically said I would never be able to run much if any in  the future.  And  I didn’t run for several years.   But through supplementation, strength training and being very careful with my knee I have been able to run more over the past 3 years than the previous 9 combined!!  In my opinion God performed a miracle and all the suffering I went through was to teach me to VALUE the gifts God has given me.

So today on my run I thought about my running~ I really do enjoy it now!  I REALLY value it~ running is the BEST way for me to lean up and it is on of the purest forms of exercise on earth!  I had a great run today, but MAN was did I get HOT!!  Summer is here and I am going to have to get out for my runs a lot earlier or a lot later :)

For my weight workout I did an at home chest workout with some abs, triceps and biceps and 2 sets of squats with the 45# bar on my back.

I’ve gotta go shower now and get to bed, have sweet dreams!!
Your fleet of foot friend,



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