Sunny Saturday~

HI Girls!!
It is such a beautiful sunny Saturday here~ I love it!!!
I’ve been keeping busy today with cleaning and soaking in the sun!!!

I also made time to get to the gym for this workout:
Warm up 20 mins r-bike
then this mis-mosh of exercises…I didn’t do them in this exact order, lol

froggy leg curls 4 sets
leg press
smith lunges
leg curls
seated calf raises
walking calves

Intervals on treddy:
15 mins total
4 at 9.5 hard;7.5 easy
2 at 10 hard; 7 easy

finished with 2 sets walking lunges and 1 set light deadlifts

Now we have a BB game and a graduation party to attend, so I’d better scoot.



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