Willed it ~ Wednesday


It was so stupid….All throughout my workout today I kept feeling like quitting~ I had to will my way though today. I’d be in the middle of a set of leg press or smith lunges or walking lunges or in my intervals and the thought to quit kept popping into my head :horns: –and each time I said “NO”, lol! It was one of those days when I wished I had a trainer/workout partner there pushing me on….But do you know what kept me going~ YOU!! Knowing that you’d be proud of me if I pushed through and Knowing that day after day many of you have to push through too. SO THANKS for the PUSH!!!

My day has been a good one!! I got up, showered and shaved right off the bat~ which is odd for me…typically I wait until after my workout or at least until I am awake to do all that. Then after I dropped the kiddos off I went to see my friend Brent…He opened a cool training studio/gym here in town about 2 months ago it’s called “ROCK Bottom Gym” www.rockbottomgym.com

Anyhow, I went to check it out and help a client of his with her contest posing~ it was really fun! While I was there I tried out his Jacobs Ladder -NEATO!!! It was very cool!!
Then I got a massage!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
Then I came home for a bit to eat, work and prep for the gym.
At the gym I did a leg workout

warm up r-bike 10 min (levels 3 and 4)
Leg extensions 90×20

Leg press (one leg at a time)

Smith Lunges
100×10×3 (last set on step)

walking lunges

knee ups on roman chair

stretching- for my lower back and glutes

Leg curls

Calf rotations
Walking calves

Then I ran 1 min intervals~
a couple at 8mph, a few at 9 and 3 at 10mph…my recovery mins were at 6 and 7.

Now I’ve gotta GO to Wally World~
See ya later BABES!!!



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