Braggin’ on my BuffMothers!

Today I feel like bragging about my BuffMothers!!! I have so much respect for all mothers and even more for mothers who get after their dreams and don’t settle for anything but the BEST for their lives!!! God has blessed me so much with a TEAM of women who desire to be their best…TEAM BuffMother! overflows with women who inspire me every day!! I could literally write a blog daily featuring them, and I KNOW I wouldn’t ever run out of amazing women to feature!!

Today I want to Brag about 4 of my BuffMothers~

1- Julie of CA…she is 48 years young today and in the best shape of her life! She is set to compete in her second figure
contest in just 5 short weeks!
2- Lisa of NE…she is competing on Saturday in Des Moines in her 3rd figure contest!

3- Deb of NE…she is Lisa’s best friend and is also competing on Saturday in Des Moines in her very first figure contest

4- Trisha of MI….she is competing in her second figure contest this weekend…HEY Trisha, “Why don’t I have your picture?” lol!

I am so proud of each of these ladies because they make NO EXCUSES! They never say “but” or “can’t” or “never”…they say things like “for sure”, “YES I CAN”, “I will”….

BELIEVE in your dreams ladies!! You are NOT too old, you are NOT too busy, you are NOT too fat, you are NOT too injured, etc…
YOU CAN! and if you focus on doing all the things you can do, soon you will be able to do MORE and more and reach higher and higher!!! Shoot for the stars~!!!




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