Huge to do list~

I have been working on my HUGE to do list today…and I tell you what it is slow going.  Taxes and Bills  are a couple of the dreadful items on my list along with laundry and dishes.  I really don’t think God made me to do those things– I really don’t enjoy them much~ but a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.  Through it all my DH has been such a sweet heart today!  He brought me lunch and told me I was the love of his life!! I love him so much too!!!

Speaking of love I watched “P.S. I love you” last night– holy bawling batman!   
I was crying crocodile tears and made me think how sad I’d be if I lost my love~ WHAAAAAA!!!

My plan for a workout today is to do a HOME upper body workout~ I’ll work it in during my housework.

Here are the exercises I’ll shoot to get done
pull ups
push ups
tricep dips
sit ups
bicep curls
Lateral raises

I’ll also try to get some u-biking done~ I really need to get in some cardio…I wanted to run outside today but its been raining all day~

BTW-  It’s been 3 months since I started taking my HT pills and I really LOVE Them!!!  I love how my skin has been clear!!  ANYHOW~ I am SOLD! 

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