I am so inspired! GO LISA!!

Ladies, I am inspired daily by all of you!! You are such a GREAT, AMAZING and RELENTLESS group of women!!! Thanks for letting me witness your determination~Speaking of Determination, Lisa of NE is DETERMINED to kick some tail at her contest this FRIDAY (4-18-08)!!!Lisa is competing on Friday evening in Kansas City (technically Liberty, MO) at the NANBF Southern States Natural Classic on Friday April 18th. Anyone who is in the area should check it out!!!

To give you a bit of background on Lisa, she is a mother of 3 and a Chiropractor. She is also VERY tall, lol! She shares freely with others in person and on her website about how Hormonal Timing training has changed her body and life!! I am so lucky to have such a great friend in Lisa and have been so blessed through our training relationship. Last fall was her very first contest and she WON it!! I was such a proud mamma!! My blog post about LISA last fall:

I am a super PROUD MAMMA!!! Last weekend I had a a FUN!!!! FUN!!! FUN!! weekend~ Two of my Team BuffMother! leaders LISA and SHERRY both did an AWESOME job by placing first and second in the NANBF Bluff’s Classic Figure competition I was so happy to be there The experience was just wonderful!
I’ve trained both girls in the past, Sherry early this spring and Lisa all the way UP to the contest!!!
It was really fun to show how amazing my Hormonal Timing program works for contest prep;she is a living example of how you can TRANSFORM your body by working with your hormones.
She is one of the 2 very first BuffMother! trainers….and is doing a spectacular job helping motivate and train the other 6 competitors in our group.

Here is a picture of Lisa a year ago;

And here are some from last weekend (10-6-07):

AND to top it off I got to hang out with another one of my clients and BuffMother! leaders, Lori during the contest!! It was GREAT!!

If you are wondering what Hormonal Timing is&8230;in just a few weeks my book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved by BuffMother! will be in my store for sale.

Thanks everyone for all the support you&8217;ve given Lisa and Sherry for this contest, I know it helped them SO MUCH!!!

Here are some more pictures from the contest~

This year in February we started a special BuffMother! figure contest training group in which LISA plays and important role, she is not only a competitor but also a trainer.


I’ll be sure to share some other their stories with you in the next few weeks as their contest come up

~~~Lisa has done a tremendous job in adding muscle to her upper body since her last show which has helped to even out her symmetry and made her even more beautiful. I believe that on Friday Lisa has a great chance to come home at least 1 trophy if not more!!!

Let’s all pray for her to perform her best and for GOD to continue doing AWESOME things in her life!! Let’s all Rally behind her as a TEAM!

We love you Lisa!!

Love your friend, Michelle

p.s. Sherry is competing on Friday too!!



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