Awesome Possum!!

I think my body’s starter is in need of a tune up, lol!!  I am struggling to get “started” :sleep: today, lol!!  That combined with the rain/flooding is making for a slow moring

BUT, I knew a trip to the RR would fuel my engine and get me rollin’ towards a GREAT day 4 of being RELENTLESS…
I am on c-day 3 and Yesterday was a toughie…
My body forced me to take a mostly “off” day from working out–
I was very sore from Mon and Tuesday’s workout, tired from TOM and had a bit of a back issue that kept me questioning if I should workout or not??  HMMM~ so…I ended up doing 40 push ups and called it good!

Today’s plan for my workout is this-
20 min warm up on r-bike while reading
upper body lifting–HEAVY!
20 min of intervals running on treddy

Then the rest of my day if filled with phone calls, laundry, cleaning, mailing stuff at the po box, piano lessons and TAXES! 

I am of to get this day really STARTED!! with a GREAT workout~
I had an AWESOME workout!!

warm up
r-bike 20 mins

Cybex lat pulls

Seated rows

pull ups

High iso lat pull (hammer strength)
90×10 together
90×5 together+6 each sidex2 sets

Knee ups
40, 30

Assisted pull ups
40#wide overhandx6rep+underhandx5 reps

Shoulder press

Lateral/front raises/upright rows
12’sx10reps of each in a supersetx3 sets

ran intervals
warm up
2 mins at 8mph 1 min @6 2x’s
2 mins at 8.5 mph 1 min @6 3x’s
then cool down

then abs–the following circuit twice
Sit ups 30, 30
roman chair knee ups 15, 20
vacuums 3 hard 10 sec ones
Hope you are having and AWESOME POSSUM day yourself!!!



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