I love the word RELENTLESS!!!


RELENTLESS is an awesome word!!!
I love the energy it brings, the determination, the fire, the enthusiasm!!!  Just two days into the 4 week Relentless Challenge I feel a HUGE positive energy towards my fitness goals.

One of Dictionary.com’s definitions:
relentless- adjective
without pity; not allowing anything to keep one from what one is doing or trying to do
Example: The police fight a relentless battle against crime.

Some synonyms associated with Relentless include:

persistent, importunate, unyielding, inexorable, unremitting, ruthless, insistent, constant, determined, continual, steadfast, firm, uncompromising, obstinate, adamant, unrelenting, persevering, resolute, adamant, unrelenting, assiduous, interminable, incessant, unrelieved, obdurate, unbending, unwavering, stubborn, harsh, pushy,  fixed, resolute, inflexible, lasting, enduring, unshakable
I’ve had 2 Relentless days and looking forward to another 26 before the Challenge is complete!!
I ran for 10 mins then did 4 hard sprints, 3 sets of walking lunges and then my 7 for 7 ABS~

What RELENTLESS means to me:
*Saying no to the temptation of straying from my diet-no dairy, no alcohol, no sweets, lots of protein, lots of veggies, taking my supplements
*Working out with an intensity that no one in the gym can match
*Being focused on my form and posture at all time
*Stepping up my cardio/intervals a notch
*Working out for a total of 1-2 hours six days a week, using every minute productively
*Focusing extra hard on my abs
*Practicing my posing
*logging my progress

This will be fun! if I don’t die.

I did legs at the gym–had a killer workout that included:
Leg culrs
Leg press
light squats
one leg at a time leg press
calf raises- on leg press, seated and rotary
more leg curls
Leg extensions–these up to 175#x8reps
side lunges- no weight
smith lunges
walking lunges
ab wheel
knee ups
hanging sit ups

Off to CLEAN and cook,
Your RELENTLESS friend,



154 Replies to “I love the word RELENTLESS!!!

  1. when i write down my goals i have an easier time sticking to it and am more RELENTLESS in everything i do

  2. love hearing that!! and is probably why you’ve been so consistent at posting comments! thanks Jamie!!

  3. Great post today, Michelle! I love the word “relentless”…I am often relentless…but my husband prefers to just call it “stubborn” LOL. Have a great day 🙂

  4. Relentless is a great word. I never thought of myself as relentless, but…some of the synomyms do apply. So, I am relentless!

  5. My other friend Michelle (who is a sheriffs deputy) just got a tattoo on the inside of her wrist that says “Never Give Up”, that is relentless in whole!!…….I would love to be able to see that quote every day (I’m a little jealous)……It just reminds us as women how strong and “relentless” we can be!!!!

  6. I love that word too, and for some reason, it seems to stick in your mind. I’d like to do another 40 day challenge with you Michelle!

  7. Relentless – doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, being different, being strong when you need to be. Doing things that no one else is doing.

    I love being relentless! I love being different!

  8. It is a great word! Day 4 of my Super 7. Yesterday, I had to do a lot of work (job) but I did lift weights at home and did about 100 ab things. POA for today is mostly cardio. I’m on c-day 25 so I’m a sweatin’!!

  9. I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this word today. I’ve been 100% committed to diet and exercise, and haven’t really been seeing the big pay-off that I was expecting. I even said “I might as well give up” this morning . . . but, my husband said, ‘you know, you really don’t have a choice”…and he’s right. Even if I maintain for awhile, it’s so much better than back-tracking over all this hard work so far. So, Relentless= no choice, no option to quit.

  10. guess Im relentless with what i put in my body. I pack all my meals and carry them with me Just in case

  11. I needed to hear this today. I get so discourage and sometimes I feel like I am not working myself hard enough. You know what…I’m not because if I were, I would have the results I want. I have to make sure I reread this one so that I can focus when I start feeling down.

  12. Day 37! Almost done! It’s hard for me to eat every 3-4 hours at work but I try!!

  13. relentless – not give up. took me this long to get all my habits straightened out and start a consistent program. can we do another 40.

  14. Checking in. Managed to get a workout in last night after feeling icky yesterday. Today I did a cardio workout which consisted of yoga, kenpo, plyo and core. Plan on doing legs and back later today.

  15. I am going to be relentless in fighting the waves at the beach for the weekend! I love a workout that feels like play.

  16. OMG Alison……that is exactly what Ive been freeling….Its nice knowing Im not the only one struggling….good lookin out!!

  17. HARD wokout at the gym today. My wife is my coach. She keeps adding weight. All my sets are with a hundred plus lbs., except bicepts.
    Feel tired and great.

    Started eating smaller anounts more often and like it alot.

  18. LOL! You’re too funny. “This will be fun! If I don’t die.” 😀 I LOVED the Relentless challenge we had. We should do that again! 🙂

  19. Love the word of the day. I will have to write the meanings down and some how put them up as reminders.

  20. Well, today is my “easy” day, not feeling very relentless (start boosting tomorrow)! But I will be ready to go tomorrow, after a day of letting my body rest and recharge!

  21. I think if I had that body staring back at me in the mirror I’d definitely feel RELENTLESS! You’re such an inspiration!

  22. well, keep working hard and being relentless and your mirror will become your BEST friend, lol!! THANKS!!

  23. the relentless challenge is one that we’ve done in therallyroom several times. It’s a fun challenge!!

  24. Hi again. Relentless is a strong word. I feel I am getting more and more enthusiatic about my workouts. Tonight, we had my brother and both girls from next door over for workout time. It is great that others are joining in. I am hoping to start doing my workout soon in the day and do cardio while I watch them workout. That is all for tonight! Lora

  25. Stay true to the course and you will succeed! I use this as my mantra to keep me going. Find what keeps you focused and use it to succeed.

    Keep pumping.

  26. Relentless – That is going to be me for the next 4 months! hehehe…

    I have a question – Let say I am doing bicep curls and I can do 10 lbs 3 sets 12 reps last set is tough but not truely failure. But when i go up to 15lbs (I don’t have in betweens here – I know I can get them but didn’t want to spend the $ right now) I can do 3 sets about 8 and fail on 6 on last set. Which would be better to do for muscle groweth? I am thinking the 15s but am not sure as I have always before done low weights and high sets. I keep form on both so which would be better?


  27. What i would do is START with the heavier weight…for example.
    set 1 do 12reps with the 10# for a warm up
    Rest a min or so
    set 2 do as many as you can do with the 15#’s then immdieatly do the rest of the reps for that set with the 10#’s

    You’ll be up to the 15#’s in no time and moving on to the 20’s!

  28. I love that word Michelle and most importantly,i love ur energy and also ur spirituality,so important for peace of mind n happiness…..i love the part where you mentioned…”*Working out with an intensity in the gym no one can match”….this is definitely gonna be my own personal motto from now on!!!….Thanks 4 motivating us..God Bless…

  29. My husband was out of town last week and then I started a new job this week and have totally gotten out of my normal schedule. No work out for 9 days. My goal is to get back on the horse tomorrow and get to the gym! I haven’t gained any weight but I need to get back on my workout schedule.

  30. It can be tough to stay on track when new routines are put into place, but the key is to keep your mentality of determination! You are going to have a great week of workouts!!

  31. This is a great word. I wish I was more relentless right now. I have had a not so good week. But I am getting back on track.

  32. Holidays are the time to be relentless about loving your family and your body. Strive to enjoy life, but also set limits so your body will know you love it too 🙂

  33. For the holidays some key tips I do are to
    Keep the PROTIEN and GREENS mentality at parties(meaning I hit the deli tray and veggie tray- and stear clear of the cake, cookie, dessert area)
    Keep working out!! You must take time to workout~ it’s the base to a good diet and clear mind

    As for your busy life….Well, first of you must learn to delegate. If I worked out of the home I would be sure to hire out a lot more of my housework and even a “cook” so that I’d feel free to get my workout done immediately after work or over my lunch break.

    And don’t forget “chores” for the kids…they need to pitch in 😉

    Hope that helps a bit, keep striving to find a healthy balance.
    God bless,

  34. How do you avoid the holiday party temptations? Also, being a mother of four myself and working a full-time job, I find it difficult to get quality time at the gym, unless I get up at 0400. What are some suggestions for us busy moms?

  35. I post “reminders” to keep me motivated around my home and my office – I am successful! I am in contol! I am relentless! And I am right where God needs me to be! I am one HOTTT mom!

    It is great to look up and see this staring me in the face when those negative thoughts start creeping up.

  36. Great word, Relentless…. great motivation! I LIKE IT!!!

    I eat often, and often get teased for eating all the time (in a good way though).

  37. Great reminders! The times when I get too busy and forget to eat are when I am the most vulnerable to bad food choices. Planning healthy snacks keeps you from binging on the bad stuff, and keeps your energy up. I am going to be RELENTLESS in my last 3 days of the challenge!

  38. Great word relentless. As for meals I find myself eating junk if i don’t plan ahead. I try to take some fruit and veggies to munch on during the day while I’m at work that helps

  39. i want to be called relentless, what a complement! i keep that word in my head during buffing weeks for motivation!

  40. I need to post this on my fridge. Yesterday was hard. Stressful work, husband home late so dinner was late and I was starving and the Cheez-its were staring at me!

  41. I just got done with 2 miles power walking/ a nice arm workout ( I just signed up for a 100 pushup challenge)! And I have already drank 64 oz of water and still drinking! Took all my vitamins! Whoo hoo! I feel good today! I wanna cry bc I thought I would never feel be able to feel 23 I always thought I would be a frumpy momma to tired to play with my kids. I just wanna say Thank you soo much buff mother!

  42. Im trying really hard and know how good it is for me to eat that every 3 hr. It helps with my sugar cravings and concentration.

  43. Thanks for the reminder! To me, being relentless means being consistent. I know if I don’t have consistency in my diet and exercise, I will be frustrated with the results! Being relentless brings results, and results make it easier to keep on being relentless.

  44. Great word too bad I am so congested and sick with a chest cold I cant do anything I feel worthless and this is a buffing week!!! UGG As for the eating every 3-4 Cant do that either Tomorrow will be a better day!!!! I have to belive that on a brighter note I am maintaining so that is something at least!!! after a 45lb weight loss I am pretty proud of that!!!

  45. Hang in there…I just got over that same cold- you’ll be back to it soon. Focus on eating nutritious healthy food~ it’ll help you get better faster- lots of fruits and veggies and PROTEIN!

  46. I love the word RELENTLESS!! I am very selfish with my work out time. When someone asks if I want to go do something with them I always say Yes but only if i can go work out first! If they really want me to go they will wait for me, if not, they do not understand my relentless behavior when it comes to my goal.

  47. Where do I get the MOJO to BE relentless. I don’t always have the energy for it. Especially on CD26. However, on CD5 it will be full steam ahead!!!

  48. Busy this past week and working out took a hit. I hate that and it stresses me out when i miss or dont get a full strength .. time and effort…. workout in. Relentless is my new motto from now on! Relentless in my workout diet and fitness goals my relationships with my husband and kids and the good example i leave. Relentless in my spiritual relationship. Thanks for the kick me up 🙂

  49. Working on being relentless. It’s hard since I don’t always seem to have the energy for it. Even when I work out, eat often, sleep well and take supplement, I can’t keep my energy up. Some days are good though and I’m really full of energy. I must keep trying!

  50. The scale says I’m dropping pounds! Down 8 as of today! Fueling my relentlessness!

  51. Keep trying to find a balance- it’s never going to be easy, but as you learn more about how your body responds to certain things the wiser you’ll become about how to keep your energy levels up!

  52. It’s a challenge to keep going through busy times…but think of fitness as your life giving medicine- You wouldn’t go a week without taking your meds would you??
    You gotta keep up with some sort of fitness even when life gets busy- What I do is shift to an EVERY other day mantra- that way I have those guilt free off days to get extra work done and I keep enough workouts in my life so that I don’t go BACKWARDS in my fitness level.

  53. That’s a good word. I have lost 4 lbs so far and am building muscle. Just gotta keep it going!

  54. yesterdays workout definitely showed my relentlessness! I had so many things come up that pushed my workout farther and farther but i put my foot down and made sure I was there even though I got there so late! It felt nice to be there but i definitely pushed myself harder! I got through a crazy back work out and made sure i did some legs and abs! Tonight is going to be a similar situation but I will make sure I make it in regardless..

  55. I have so many days when I feel like this but the last few have been so hard! Didn’t make it to the gym last night but will hit my hard cardio class tonight!

  56. I feel relentless today……. After reading this post this morning, and thinking of this word….. The Eye of the Tiger song is playing in my head….. I’ll be hitting that leg without soon!

  57. The perfect word!!! I tend to use it in a negative way but after reading your post I guess it is a much more positive word than I thought. I think it should be how I need to focus on the last half of the 10 weeks SSS Contest. Thank you x

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