I feel that I am at a turning point in my life….all the effort, blood sweat and tears of the last 15 years of my adult life are finally paying off!! I can taste SUCCESS!!  What an amazing feeling~  It is true that success is not a destination but a journey…however there is a place in life where you need to step back and say~ “I have succeeded” and SMILE!  In no way am I satisfied with a mere TASTE of success though…I am hungry for MORE, MORE, MORE!!  God has a SUPERNATURAL life in store for me and I plan on living it!!!

My BuffMojo this week totally rules!!
I have really felt a huge amount of progress in my attitude and fitness level~ I think I am BACK!!  I’ve not had any bread this week…just  a tish of grains.  AND I’ve done all my lunges so far~ just tomorrow left!!

Here is my workout from today:
run 5 min warm up

dl’s 45×10–these really bug my back…I am just trying to get the “movement” back

Hammer leg extension
45×10×2 toes in
50×10×3 toes in out st

leg press
90×15 + 20 butt clench + 1 set calves 15 reps or so
180×10 +15 butt clench
270×10x2sets- could feel my back after these

Leg curls
70#x15 slow reps, very focused on eccentric

Smith Squats** paired with butt squats (same sets and reps for both)
50×10×2 of each exercise
70×10x3of each exercise
**completed my 100 lunges for today**

roman chair knee ups
40 w/8 st leg ones
45 w/ 5 st leg ones
paired with calves
2 sets walking calves followed by
seated calves

Well I’ve gotta go!!
Focus on you SUCCESS!!!



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