Flyin’ by Friday!!

Where in the world did today go???
I started the day with a “wake up” by my early rising daughter, GG…she was backpack on and all ready to go to school at 6:30 am!!!  I was like WHAT are you doing up so early?? It’s not time to get up even (we usually get up around 7 am).
THEN I proceeded to “pass out” until WAY to late~ 8:30!
So needless to say I started my day “behind”…

But really it was not a problem~ I got the kids to school a bit late, got some work done, pampered myself with a shower, bath, shave, exfoliation, teeth whitening and some good food.
Then I was off to get more pampering–my hair done!
It turned out great and from there headed to the gym–but OOPS! I forgot to pack any workout shorts, so instead I went tanning and picked up the dry cleaning and then exchanged cars before I headed to my nail appt.  AFter my nails, I almost skipped my workout–I was tired it was already 6:15 and I hadn’t eaten much at all…but I used my Truth Hammer “BuffMojo” and GOT IT DONE!!

I was a bit weak but here is how it went:
5 min warm up
paired with bench dips
10 reps x 3 sets

Icline hammer press
70×10×3 very focused on these
tricep extensions

Run intervals
warm up 4 mins
10mph for 1 min
20 seconds off on sides to slow down to 8 mph
Repeat for 5 intervals
cool down
a total of 15 mins

then home–
100 lunges

while feeding the kiddos and myself and DH!
It was a good FAST day!



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