Recap wk 2 & POA wk 3

Sorry for the boring title, lol

Week 2 was interesting for me…It was spring break, I was out of town a bit and then It was EASTER!! 
On the mini challenge I FAILED…I ate more bread last week than the past 2 months combined.  I don’t know why?  Some of it was being in Chicago and the other part of it is that I didn’t have many grocieries to choose from…anyhow.  I think I’ll double up on that this week with the lunges for my challenge :)
As for workouts, I did pretty good and I did much better on my ABS  than week 1~!!  I did however suffer from lower back issues, that I need to get looked at this week!

M-Legs at the hotel plus some cardio
T- off…was supposed to be traveling
W-off (traveling)
Th-Back, Shoulders, Bicep
F-Leg workout at gym (I am still sore today)
S-Ran 25 min outside with intervals
Sun- OFF

Needless to say…this week I should get in more workouts total and more cardio for sure.
Here is a tentative “plan”:

ABS, LUNGES and NO BREAD (no grains actually) daily AND-
T- Legs
W- Back/Sh/Bi/intervals
Sun- Off

I am really excited to see some AMAZING progress this week…I feel like I am getting in good enough shape and gathering enough MOMENTUM to “break through” to the next level in my fitness.

Let’s have a LUNGORiffic!! week ladies!!!



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