Thankful Thursday

Thank YOu all for the super sweet welcome home!
I really am so thankful to have been able to go with DH to Chicago in the first place.  I needed the “rest” so badly!!!
Other amazing things I am thankful for:
All of you~ it is so awesome to have friends and teammates who have such a great enthusiasm for life!!
My MIL~ she watched the kids for us when we were away
Family Friends~ took Gunner with them on a ski trip to CO!!!
My DH~ man he ROCKS!
My Kids~ I sure am blessed with amazing little people in my life!!!
My Jesus~ I am free from the bondages of my sin because of HIM~ AMAZING GRACE!!!
Last night when I layed down to sleep in MY BED! I was very thankful for it…hotels are never as comfy as your own bed :)…
I slept like a baby :)

on tap for today is to work on a few training programs
go to the park…It is AMAZING outside!!!

let’s get after the DAY and make it a THANKFUL DAY!!! We all have so many amazing blessings…take a moment to thank God for them!!  Isn’t “thank you” one of the magic words?




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