The best laid plans to up in SMOKE!

WOW~~~!!!!! isn’t it fun to have excitement to get buff for the spring?!!
I sure am feeling the vibe!!
I am “Boosting” at the moment and I thought I’d share a few items on how I approach my boosting these days:
I prep myself for my “bad days” (19-22) during my last few days of buffing. I will go ahead and write to do lists ahead of time, prepare my workout plan, get supplements organized, get food shopping done, make appointments and be sure to shave, lol!  All of that prep helps me get through the crazy distracted days that I often encounter on c-days 19-22.
2- REST-
I spend more time reading, watching movies, just sitting, relaxing, snuggling, hibernating, and laying down in general during boosting. I try to take my time, so I don’t find myself in a tizzy. Or being a “spaz”…I just focus on being more mellow and rest driven.
I focus on building up my body and mind, allowing myself to repair and build towards the future. I like to build knowledge during this time…read and research. I like to build my PMA…I do exercises like Focus on Solutions, to keep my focus where it needs to be. I love reading books that build up my faith, my attitude or my business! I focus my workouts on BUILDING Muscle and my diet on BUILDING up nutrients that will positively affect my body forever!!
Tomorrow for example is going to be a GREAT day!
I have my supplements for the day ready to take (in my handy HT dispenser)
I have a POA placed in my outlook
I have food prepped and ready to eat in the frig
I have a book to read- The making of a leader by Joyce Meyer
I have my twins home tomorrow to snuggle with during an afternoon nap
I have a great workout planned along with a relaxing time in the tanning bed
Boosting can be an amazing time of the month~ God made women special for a reason~ embrace your woman-ness!!

UPDATE~~ The best laid plans go up in SMOKE!

I was so organized about today…but did it matter – NOPE – because pretty much all my plans went up in smoke!  BUT NOT TO WORRY~ the super adjuster known as Miss “Fly by the SEAT of her PANTS” BERGER….was able to remain calm and still get’er done!!


Why? did I have to adjust?

1- One of my girls was sick…poor girl, yet again for the 5th day in a row was just not right…so I made a call to the pediatrician’s office and spent hours due to that whole process

2- Gramma was flying into town today and I was the one who opted for the “job” to pick her up from the airport another HOUR I didn’t plan. BUT it was great to see her and have here here!!

3- PIANO Lessons~ I forgot about these until today….is it really Thursday again already? So another hour GONE!


As I said despite it all, I got in a good workout and a GREAT day of  eating!!  I am ON FIRE and roaring ready to get my BBB!!

My workout was as follows- intervals on the treddy~ it was hard and good…and I forced myself to stay on the machine until it read 3.1 miles~

AND I am going to head out to do SQUATS in my garage after I get the kids to bed and do a 5 min warm up on the bike.

I am going to shoot for a longer streak of doing 3 sets of squats daily…a couple of months ago I made it 14 days straight and my booty was showing the positive effects~ YEEHAAWW!


Gotta SQUAT now~





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