Restful Day

Well, I’ve been trying to REST today….along with cleaning the house, laundry and cooking, etc…

My little Twins are sick, poor girls!! They both came down with fevers yesterday and the stomach flu.  AND both have been major sleepy heads.  You know kids are sick when they lay around all day!  It tears my heart out to see them that way.

Last night we watched the UFC fights, in OHIO~ It made me want to go to the ARNOLD even more!  It sounds like all the girls that went had a blast~ the pictures were tooooooo cool!! Thanks for taking so many great ones girls!!!

here is my POA (Plan of Attack) for next week:
Boosting starts MONDAY c-day 19
T-upper body, run
Wed- off
Fri-Back, run
Sat- Chest, intervals
Sun- Off

*ABS daily*
Gotta go fold some more laundry,



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