Where is everyone today??


Could it be that today is “tired Thursday”  ?

I see a bunch of you online, but no blogs…are you so sore your fingers don’t work?

I am FEELING GREAT today myself!!  I am thinking about all the fun things coming up!!

The ARNOLD get together!!

March 1- our first official “BuffMother!” day~I’ll write up a great post about this in a minute!!!  By next year I expect this holiday to be HUGE!!

March 10th- our “BBB” contest~ I am all over this one myself

EASTER~ my kids just love easter and so do I.  I’d love to do some bunny pictures this year with the kids :)


CONTEST season- Trisha in about 3 weeks, Lisa’s April 18th, Deb, Jess, Leslie, Jeanette, Shana and maybe many others!!!
So much FUN!!!!  to get BUFF for!!!
Let’s have a great day!!!



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