First off I need to tell you something about LOVE~ I love having a sense of accomplishment. Feeling like I DID a job well and DID something with a lasting impact. Things like writing a good article, writing a book, reading a book, working out, responding to an important e-mail, etc…all give me a great sense of accomplishment. I believe each person is different in what makes them have a sense of accomplishment. It stems from what we value in life at that moment in time. If you have a problem getting workouts done, could it be because you don’t really understand the VALUE of a workout? Or maybe you have forgotten the value of good health? If so take a little time to place proper VALUE on your workouts. Dig deep into your thoughts about the TRUE value and you will Re-IGNITE desire for a long healthy life and a legacy of health and fitness. VALUING your fitness allow your to once again feel a SENSE of ACCOMPLISHMENT from workouts. AND that’s a wonderful feeling!! I LOVE IT!!
~~~WHEW!! What a day~ I’ve been so sleepy all day so today seems to have lasted FOREVER, lol! I ended up having a SUPER busy day yesterday. I ran right around 1pm and then had a CC (conference call) that led to me needing to do a 5 hour project! Then I had another CC and then stayed up late last night watching the UFC preview, wrestling with my DH and just talking until way too late. I should probably value my sleep a bit more…but DH has actually been on “vacation” and last night was his last night off…so we had to take advantage of it, right?
Here is how my run went yesterday…I ran for 13 mins straight…doing 5 hard 1minute intervals during that time. And then I did 3 sprints(they were not blazing for sure…I felt like I was an OLD lady)…needless to say I am quite out of my TOP running form and really need to work on the cardio/running aspect of my fitness these next few months. The Sprints did make me quite sore–not just in my legs either. My ribs and back are actually feeling them a TON!
Today ended up being a day off of workouts…so I took the kids to Wal-mart instead. WHY do I torture myself like this??? I thought it would be good for us to spend some time together out of the house ??? NOT REALLY~ 4 kids and 1 adult are not even odds, and I LOST. We were almost done with the fiasco when my 6 year old DD spotted the bathroom right close to the checkout line we were in…and of course she INSTANTLY “had to go”…so I let her. I figured I could keep an eye out for her since we were so close and she’d be done right about the time we would be. Just then one of my twins decided she suddenly had an “emergency” also…I told her NO, she needed to wait until we got home (we live 5 mins from Wal-mart) and that Gracie would be out very quickly. SO….WE WAITED! and WAITED…while Tia CRIED…I finally gave in and left the cart with my other 2 kids sitting on a bench right outside the restroom with strict instructions NOT TO MOVE! We entered the Bathroom for a speedy potty break for my SOBBING DD (who by the way only tinkled about 5 drops) and DD 1 was finally finishing up. We 3 came out of the bathroom to find a mess…Layla had knocked over a display spilling all of its contents, on the floor! OH goodness, I was so embarrassed. That will be the last time I take all 4 kids to the WAL-MART by myself. SUCH is life~
But we ended the evening with a yummy dinner and some family bonding. So it was all good AGAIN!
I am off to do a bit more work, then get to bed by 10pm tonight!!
Toodles, Michelle



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