Do you love yourself?
Are you in love with yourself? You need be! You have to realize that it is vital for you to treat yourself with love and respect. And that includes, feeding your body the NUTRIENTS it needs to function and allowing yourself to have proper exercise and REST!
As a mother finding the right balance is so hard, we are pulled in so many different directions. BUT I strongly believe all aspects of our lives will be BETTER and more Productive if we choose to take care of our health. Which means giving yourself permission to take an 30-60 mins a day to dedicate to your fitness, allowing yourself time to shop, cook/create and eat healthy meals. AND take time to beautify yourself…shower, dress nicely, fix your hair and wear make up! You will feel better, be more confident and your family will love you for it!!
I am going to love myself and give myself permission to go to the gym/workout, to shower and to eat well even when “I don’t have time”…
~ This weekend was nice and relaxing…I am finally over being SORE!! I worked out on Saturday- lifted chest, tri’s and ran for 12 mins–which was a struggle due to my ULTRA sore hammies…then stayed busy cleaning, taking a trip to SAMS and watching movies (American Gangster -A, SpiderMan 3 -C, and The Assassination of Jessie James -B). OH and I slept in until 10am yesterday!! It was crazy…so we missed church, which stinks because I love church!!And now after I finish this blog, I am headed out into the beautiful weather for a run! It is about 60 here~ perfect temp for a good run!!
Hope you love yourself today!!!
“A healthy life starts first and foremost with acceptance and love for self. We are all very complex beings and are a product of what we think, feel, focus our attention on, take into our bodies and bring with us on a soul level. In any discussion of healthy lifestyles, we should remember that our thoughts and feelings are often the primary directors in how we feel and choose to live our lives. To have positive thoughts and harmonious feelings allows one to make lifestyle, exercise and dietary choices that energize the body and enliven the mind and spirit.The first step begins when we acknowledge our intent to live a more positive and healthy life. Our willingness to let go of old habits sets the process in motion. The next step is to educate ourselves with the highest wisdom we can find on the subject and then put it into practical application to experience the benefits.”Quote taken from



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