Holy soreness Batman!

My blirp on love today is about my love for the Spring! I feel it comin’ and I am energized by it. The newness, the air, the sun, the clothes, the shoes, easter bunny …I love all aspects of spring!!! I wonder if the new GREENS of spring emit more oxygen into the air or something? And are there more pheromones in the air? ‘cuz I get “twitterpated”?
I just LOVE SPRING!! I can’t wait and I am going to be READY for it~ so I am gonna get in a great workout today! I think I’ll do an at home chest workout and figure out some sorta of funky intervals.

Sorry, I didn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t move I was soooooo sore! It think I over did the stair mill~ because my legs kept getting more and more sore as yesterday went on. It was very painful!!
So needless to say I didn’t workout yesterday.
BUT I did get to get a great massage~ it was exactly what I needed :)
Then I finished up sending out all the After Baby Abs books
And worked on some training stuff…It was a busy but good day!

I am gonna go workout now~
Love ya ladies,



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