I love SLEEP :)


I love sleep and would love some right now! I have always been a person who needs a BUNCH of sleep :) If I don’t get 8 hours a night I am a zombie the next day….that’s probably why I don’t remember much of the past 5-8 years of my life, lol!! Last night I couldn’t make myself go to sleep.
It was probably after 1 when I got in bed.

Anyhow, I still shouldn’t be so sleepy because today was BEAUTIFUL…It was like SPRING here. The sun was so BRIGHT, the sky was so BLUE and the Temperature in the mid 50’s~ what an awsome treat for mid February.

I’ve spent a ton of time again today on filling book orders~ what an AMAZING once in a lifetime feeling it has been to be sending out books that I WROTE!! WOW!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!!

I have to run to the Post Office now before they close~
See you tomorrow!!!



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