T-I-M-E Equals Love

Pastor Cass yesterday in his sermon talked about LOVE! Do you think he knew that it was our topic for the month? <br>Anyhow one of the things he said was that “T-I-M-E spells Love”. He was talking about in regards to our kids, but I believe it is true for a instances.<br>Be sure to be giving your time to the people and things you LOVE! Because TIME spells love!

So my time today was spent with my family. My BIL who was here visiting for the past week and MIL who’s been here since Christmas are leaving tomorrow for the COLD tundra of Fergus Falls, MN that they call home. It is always sad to see them go.

Also, I decided to take a few days off of working out…probably until WED. I needed a little “break”, but plan to come back full force with a GREAT POA!

In other news….I now have the HT Pills in hand and they are ready to ship out for anyone who wants to buy them. Also, the book After Baby ABS should be here the end of this week shipped out no later than next WED or Thurs for anyone who is expecting one…Thanks again for your patience with me on them~

Gotta go to beddy,





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