Reduce Me to Love!

“Because God IS Love. Loving and being loved is what makes life worth living. Once you learn how to truly accept God’s unconditional love for you and walk in love like Jesus did, you will discover the sweet peace, deep joy and unfailing strength that come with being willing to say, ‘Lord, Reduce Me to LOVE!’ ” from the back cover of Reduce Me To Love by Joyce Meyer

I love this book…Joyce Meyer really boils down love in it and Every time I read from her book I am inspired to LOVE others more and more. Life is really all about LOVE!!

I had a sick child at home again today, poor little Gracie can’t seem to shake this tummy bug. She has been sick on an off for the past 2-3 weeks with it :cry:
But I also had my 2 helpers BIL and MIL~ so I was still able to get quite a bit done. I went to Wal-Mart and to Sam’s and to Gunner’s 2nd Grade Muscial and even took a nap. But I didn’t workout as I am a tish ill feeling myself~ so I don’t wanna wear myself down too much :)

I am heading to bed and I think I’ll pray myself to sleep asking God to “reduce me to LOVE!!”

That’s SWEET~



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