Are You Committed?

Are you committed? Do you think others see you as a committed person? LOVE is a commitment and to show loves takes commitment. I believe I am a committed person. I am committed to my husband, my family, my promises, my goals, my mission, my dreams, etc…. Being committed keeps me going when I want to quit. Or when I have feelings of fear or failure. I have those feelings all the time…
For instance today, I didn’t want to keep a workout date with my friend/photographer Emily…I tried to rationalize my way out of it. Tried to see if the weather would allow me an excuse. I even gave her 3 or 4 chances to back out on me, lol! But, I held strong and stayed COMMITTED to my promise to go workout with her today. And you know what IT was WONDERFUL!! We both had fun, WE both needed it and We both made some great business contacts in the process. Because of my commitment I showed Emily that I LOVE her and realized showing love to others often makes us feel loved in return.

So today for my workout…I visited a gym named FUEL in the neighboring town of Springdale. I got to see an old friend of mine Paige White who used to work at my regular gym. I also got to meet the manager and a couple other really nice staff members. FUEL is a REALLY cool gym! It has all the bells and whistles so to speak~ including really cool lighting, cardio equipment and of course WEIGHTS!!

Anyhow~ Emily and I basically “tested” the equipment and she will be visiting there often over the next month with her free month pass. I bet she’ll join the gym too!

In addition to my “weird” and probably ineffective 2 hour gym time, I did 11 mins of intervals (5 hard mins) on my u-bike followed by pull ups, sit ups , CATS and stretching. It was a good little NIGHT CAP of a workout.

Everyone here is semi-healthy so I am getting stuff done again and it feels good!! Also, my BIL is here and he assembled bunk beds for Tia and Layla and a bed for Gunner today~ And my MIL cleaned while he worked!! I am so Blessed to have “helpers”

I am committed to you!
Good night~



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  1. definitely! to myself and my family. running a 5k next month, and planning a figure comp in the spring!

  2. I am committed to having patience with my limitations and setbacks…Patience is a new journey for me, and a challenging one at that! My family, my body, my mind, my soul…are all of equal importance and to manage them all, I must set specific goals and stay focused!

  3. I was committed to getting back on track this week and I just got back from an awesome run. Today, I will print out a piece of paper saying, “Are you committed?” and post it on my fridge so that everytime I look at it, I will be able to remind myself why I’m doing this and also, recommit to myself. Great post!

  4. I try to find excuses not to work out. I have other things to do..clean, laundry, etc. Then, I just say to myself that I am also committed to myself and I just do it.

  5. I have really put 100% into being committed recently… it’s my new thing! It’s really paying off and I am loving the results so far:)

  6. I think I have a new life verse and it has to do with commitment:

    A sluggard does not plow in season; so at harvest time he looks but finds nothing. Proverbs 10:4

    I’ve struggled with laziness — that’s why I love your blog. I’m inspired by you and all the ladies here.

    This verse just really hit me during my quiet time this morning: We go through plowing seasons, and we go through times when we want to enjoy the harvest. Right now I need to plow hard so that when my husband’s birthday rolls around, we can both enjoy the harvest!

    I have to Focus! Focus! Focus!

    Thanks for being commited to us.

  7. I’m committed to working out. I know that we all have our days! After partying all wkend with the family & then not sleeping good I skipped my Mon morn workout. When Tuesday rolled along, of course I went but I could feel that it was more difficult than usual cause of my long wkend break. Now it’s back to business as usual. Committment sure does make a difference!!
    Glad u have helpers & SO wish that I did!!

  8. I believe I am committed to quite a few things but others there is still room for improvement. I love the trampoline idea. I have started dancing more and more with my DD, she is 3 and likes me to dance/spin her in the air so I get a work out and fun at same time. Trampoline would also be good legacy cause having fun during exercise is awesome. I love to be a kid again!

  9. Yep. I am comitted. And developing a clear vision for my life is helping me be able to stay comitted. I don’t like to be vague about what I am committed to, so I am working on that clear picture lately, and it is really helping.

  10. committment is a way also to keep you accounable whether it is to a person or a project, etc… it keeps you in the game of life. It makes you loyal, trusted, and honored.
    Have a great day Y’all

  11. yes I’m totally committed to my Lord, husband, kids and to myself. To myself to be health and fit. BTW I love to jump on the trampoline. WE’ve had one out back since my children were smaller. I’m the only one left using it now. How fun!

  12. It is great to have a workout buddy to be accountable to. I run with a friend and it makes me go out and run even when I don’t feel like it.

  13. What a great post. I’m glad you made Emily feel loved! Reading this made me realize I did this with my friend staying with me! She’s been wanting to work out every single day and since I started TOM I really did not want to work out. But I didn’t want to let her down so I did and felt so much better after physically & mentally! I made her feel loved! Thanks for pointing that out for me! ~hugs~ 😀

  14. Today I did, fasted cardio in the am. This afternoon about 4:30, I did my upper body routine. I forgot my hormonal pill this morning…ooops. I am going to see better numbers the next time I get clipped.

  15. very commited to my workouts. My husband and children may not enjoy the enthusiasim of my commitment but they are supportive.

  16. Back to school time is a great time for me to re-focus and make scheduled commitments again. I plan on working out really hard and consistently for the rest of the year. I have a calendar planned for my husband (Christmas gift) with a fit body shot of me for every month.

  17. Havin’ some issues here. I have been committed to eating clean and exercising almost 5 times a week. I do feel toned but would love to see a pound or 2 come off. I love to lift weights but it seems like I have these muscles under the fat and the fat’s not leaving 🙁 Should I do more cardio?

  18. Sometimes through life stresses the “committed” things fall of the wagon. I plan to get back up on it tomorrow!

  19. Hi Michelle,
    I have been committed to this 40 day challenge – that is why I am concern about my post not showing up yesterday on Wed 8/19.

  20. Did a walk/run today. Way too hot to do a full run. Then came home and did CardioX. My legs are still killing from yesterday. I probably shouldn’t have gone for a 3 mile run after doing legs! Ouch!

  21. Jumping is great! i also appreciate the extra help I get. I am also a mother of multiples and time seems to fly at double speed!

  22. sorry Kellie~take a step back and look at your diet again. are you eating too many carbs? Are you getting enough sleep? what about your cardio~ are you doing intervals and PUSHING hard?

  23. Well today was my rest day, and I needed it! I was really sluggish all day, but I’ll be ready to go tomorrow!

  24. comitment is such a hard thing for everyone.. Its like until you live a while, you dont realize how many factors play in to comitment,, for anything.. But it can be done,, you just have to stay focused on the prize, may it be an awesome body, or a great husband and family,, you cando it..

  25. comitment is such a hard thing for everyone.. Its like until you live a while, you dont realize how many factors play in to comitment,, for anything.. But it can be done,, you just have to stay focused on the prize, may it be an awesome body, or a great husband and family,, you cando it..

  26. commitment is great to have. I’m totally committed to my family and my health and to passing on that legacy to my daughters. Thank you for being so committed to us, Michelle!

  27. thank you for your commitment and encouragement. I met with my trainer today in an attempt to help me with meal planning.

  28. Thanks for the words about commitment. I was able to get in about 20 min upper body workout. I had a big home day today. Thanks for everything.

  29. I was having a hard time talking myself into going to the gym this morning but I made a commitment to myself to get healthy so thank you for the reminder. I’m off to the gym…

  30. Hello! The BB calander doesnt work??? When I press to calculate nothing happens? None of the colours show up. Sandra

  31. this is just what I needed today Michelle. I was feeling a little blue after Thanksgiving here-put on 5 pounds in the course of a week and a half. It’s so easy to do when you’re traveling and off schedule. BUT-I am committed and I know that if I just put in a good week or two now, I will be right back to where I was before. Thanks for the encouragement.

  32. I am committed! (Although today I took off because me knee popped out of place yesterday evening and it is feeling not so hot tonight) Hopefully by Saturday (next leg day) it will be better.

  33. That’s the important thing to do after a holiday or vacation…get back at it ASAP!! days off can turn into weeks off if you don’t~
    also realize that weight is not “real” weight…most of it is water and glucose. those 5 pounds only become real if you keep “celebrating” for weeks at at time!
    God Bless, Michelle

  34. You are so right! commitment is a big part of success. I know after a long day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is hop on the treadmill, I’d rather snuggle down with my kids. I just don’t give myself the option of not doing it. No matter how lukewarm I feel about it at the beginning, I always feel great and energized when I am done. You never regret exercising!

  35. So many times I do this, I back out and find some excuse to not do things. I love reading your messages, makes me re-evaluate myself. I actually tried the “legacy” approach yesterday, and it felt great. I’ve always wanted to get one of those mini trampolines for inside of the house – ever use one of those, if so, how do/did you like it?

  36. I am learning too to commit…that has been a big problem in my entire life. Seeing you and your great rockin body motivates me, and my prayers to the lord is helping me commit more 🙂 Thanx so much for being you 🙂

  37. I am committed to the gym and giving my arms attention even after a 22 mile training run for a marathon.

  38. If you get a mini tramp, be sure to get a good one with springs…the cheap ones only work for kids, lol.

    Glad you are working on your LEGACY!! THAT ROCKS!

  39. I am committed to working out 6 days a week. My husband of 23 years and my trainer (also my husband) He helps me every day! with everything. He does all the cleaning and laundry so I have time to workout every day! I AM COMMITTED!!!!!

  40. i am committed to working out 6 days a week and with my 12 year old daughter watching me and imitating me it keeps me going!

  41. Isn’t it great when you make yourself do something you don’t want to and you get some extra blessing for doing it!

  42. I have a trampoline and love to do my cardio on it instead of the floor as it is non-impact on the knees. I definately get a great workout.

  43. Hey I L.O.V.E trampolines .. can’t wait to get mine went to sports academey and they are reasonable! I remember alot of childhood memories on it.

  44. Committment is what I need for my clean eating. This is alot of hard work. My exercising comes easy. But still takes the “C” word. I working towards a goal for Aug 6. Im going to think small/short term.

  45. Went to the beach this week and I fell climbing a hill and I have injured my knee. I am so sad, only 10 days left in my Sexy in 70, and now I am unable to complete. This happened when I was to do a half marathon. Why can’t I see anything through?! It isn’t fair!!! Sigh.

  46. Sorry! But I bet you accomplished a ton in the 60 days!! You can feel free to still submit an entry~ You will overcome this injury- keep the PMA!!

  47. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! Only 10 days to go to complete my 40 days to Fitness ~ I am committed to doing my best!

  48. Oh my gosh I so did not want to work out tonight but now I feel totally pumped up
    !!! I am buffing and raring to go~~Woot Woot Upper body and taebo baby!!!! Oh by the way I have NEVER been able to iceskate more than like 20-30mins I have always been too out of shape DH took me iceskating Sat and I went a whole hour and get this NO breaks not one and when he told me I was out an hour I was like NO WAY I am in the bst shape ever thanks you so much Michelle!!!

  49. I am commited!!! Have been for two years now! Still trying to find what works best for me though! Maybe your way is the right way!!! Stay tuned! 🙂

  50. Yes. I am committed. To God, my husband, and to a healthy lifestyle. Being committed doesn’t mean there won’t be bad days but committment helps me persevere through the tough times knowing there are good days ahead.

  51. the ability to commit to anything is so hard for many people in our society today…It’s a core value that we need to promote and TEACH in our country once again.

  52. Commitment is a very admirable character trait and definitely one I work on every day; in my relationship with Jesus Christ, my family and those I associate with, as well as myself. As for myself, I have found it truly helpful being committed to eating clean, that is my biggest challenge but since I started this 40 day challenge, it got me started and I am not looking back. The hormonal info has helped me understand it and work with it. Thanks Michelle!

  53. Being a mom of four myself and having been a mother since 22 I strugle from time to time with staying committed. Committed to my responsibilities as a stay at home mom to the extra ciricular activities my kids are involved in and need me to step up for and having a husband who travels quite a bit for his work. Sometimes my goals and dreams for myself get lost but i believe you are setting a good example by setting some boudaries with your children so they can see you take care of yourself and continue to learn grow and achieve even though you are a mom. Your Life should not end after having children

  54. It’s hard sometimes- but know that in 10 years the effort you are putting in matters!! BUT DO, invest in yourself too- for everyone’s sake it’s important for you to be YOU and HAPPY!!

  55. I went out of state to visit family and they all looked at me like they didn’t know who I was because I left to go for a quick run. They’ve never seen me be active at all much less to the point of making the effort to exercise even when I had the excuse of visiting family. I was there for the weekend and was only gone for 20 minutes but it seemed to spark some interest in what I was doing and why I was doing it. A great time to plant Energy Seeds!

  56. I have been sick with strep and have missed 4 days in a row. Just not feeling the energy. But…. I am Committed and will be back on track soon

  57. My committments have been much better since starting this challenge! I have been more dedicated and committed to the gym, my loved ones and myself most importantly!

  58. I’ve been very committed to the workouts and today, my husband said he was noticing my results! Yay!

  59. I AM a committed person! Others see it too! Committed to my husband, my doggies, my career, and my body transformation!

  60. I am a very committed person! Didn’t get to the gym as I had hoped yesterday but I did do a great 45 min interval workout on the treadmill at home!

  61. It’s so awesome you have and USE your back up plan!! I’m planning to purchase a treadmill soon!! It’s time!

  62. I am committed to my family, my work and being healthier! Good time to reconfirm my commitments – Happy New Year!

  63. Try to find one with springs…the one I had last didn’t “Bounce” enough for me to jump on it comfortably because it didn’t have springs

  64. In the past commitment was hard for me especially when it came to fitness but having a child changed that! I want to set a good example for her and being healthy is a huge part of that. I love this new lifestyle… I’m never going back to my old ways!

  65. It’s great to know even you have doubts!!! I hate myself when I break my ‘clean & lean’ eating habits. It’s so hard to be 100% committed 100% of the time. I sincerely try to be 99% committed with the odd inevitable human failure!!!!

  66. We are all human and fail at times– success is not about that, it’s about consistently trying to win!

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