Squatting Success!!!

My Book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved

First off~ Please remember today is ~FRIENDLY FRIDAY~

As you may have guessed I did a leg workout yesterday~
It was a really GREAT day for a workout, I needed it BAD….I got there, went tanning, did a warm up, saw a friend, then warmed up a bit more on leg press and then hit the squat rack!
For the first time in a couple weeks, I was feeling GREAT squatting!! I was strong and pain free!!
it was a SUCCESS~


then I did some Dead lifts
95x10x2 romainian
135×10 conventional( should have stopped here!)
135×6 TWEAK!! on my left lower back…I think I was pooped from all the squatting and didn’t EASE back into the heavier conventional DL’s Slow enough.

SO…from there on out my workout was a bit hampered and wimpy
I finished it with

Leg extensions

Seated Calf raises

Leg curls

Knee ups on roman chair 25

walking lunges
2x30steps with 60# on back

So last night I was in a bit of pain and today it feels more SORE than pain, so yet again I’ve learned my lesson and PROMISE to EASE into heavier weights on my legs smile I am sure I’ll be back to 100% by Tuesday…just in time to get a good Leg workout in.

My Plan for today is to do an upper body workout–keeping away from any painful movements. Then go from there!
My diet is going well, but not the best…I keep on forgetting about the NO WHEAT challenge. I’ve not had much but each day I’ve messed up~ Goldfish, Pizza and Croutons– ANYWAY…I shouldn’t even be eating that stuff period, much less when I am supposed to be doing a no wheat challenge. SO…I declare a “start over” for me tomorrow on that smile

Otherwise, I’ve been improving. I am continually becoming a better and better eater!!!

Okay, I’ve got to get to work on A PROJECT now.
I’ll post my workout later or tomorrow.
My Book Hormonal Timing: Female Fitness Evolved



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