2008 Will BE GREAT!!!

Hey Ya’ll!!
I hope you’ve had a great HOLIDAY today and are ready to take 2008 by storm…”2008 WILL BE GREAT!”- Is my motto~
I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!!

I just took a few minutes to look back at my Jan. 1, 2 and 3 posts from last year. Here is the direct link to my blog posts for the beginning of Jan 2007. I am AMAZED at how I can forget so much of what happened just a year ago, lol.
That’s the GREATEST thing about having a blog…it is a GREAT record for life ๐Ÿ˜‰

My 2007 Resolutions were this:

#1- BE POSITIVE at all times and NO Complaining
#2-Be the best BuffMother leader I can be! Keeping LOVE as the central focus in my pursuits. GOD is LOVE so in order to be Christ-like I MUST GUSH LOVE!!
#3-Start my day with 10 min alone time to journal a prayer and write my daily to do list
#4- Eat at least 2 servings of GREENS every day this yearโ€“365 in a row!!
#5-Train for and run an 800m race

I did rather well on my resolutions…I did #5 very successfully, I did #4 probably 300+days of the year, but I didn’t do the BEST at #3…I am not a morning person, so….I do better with doing that prior to bed or during another quite time of the day. As for #1 and #2, I did well but there is always room for improvement, RIGHT?

So…..for 2008! My resolutions will hopefully help me to keep moving forward in life and in LOVE. :love:

#1- To be a “Light in the Darkness” for God, by showing His LOVE to others through my actions and by doing amazing things that are not possible without the POWER of GOD in one’s life.

#2- To have many fun ADVENTURES! -Go to Travis’ fights, to Disney world, To the BEACH, To MN and anywhere else where an adventure awaits! I expect to do some book signings, promotional tours, photo shoots, business trips, etc…. and I plan on making those fun!

#3- To build my LEGACY…through being an example to my children in regards to my personal life, spiritual life, fitness life and business life. I want to make it look easy to balance all aspects of being a mother, wife, friend and buff woman! Life should be filled with JOY not stress and worry.

#4- To have more personal “in person” relationships/friendships with people. Get out and interact with the world, It is FUN! I spent way to many hours isolated due to writing my book in 2007. NOW i am ready to get out an interact again!!

#5- To Revolutionize the World of Women’s Fitness through HORMONAL TIMING!!! YEAH HAW!!! by giving every woman HOPE that she can live her dreams and there is HAPPINESS for her! Life is supposed to be filled with SUCCESS not heartache.

Other items that I will strive to do include-
Post a GOOD blog daily
Workout on average 5 days/week
Eat at least 2 servings of Greens daily
Invest quality time with each of my kids
Have a lot of sex ๐Ÿ™‚
Start training new clients again soon!
Help women who want to be trainers be “BuffMother! trainers”
Be a sweet, kind, gently and happy person always!
Read my BIBLE daily, even if it is just one verse

Today was a REST day for me…tomorrow I will hit it hard fitness wise again.
I plan to take pictures, measurements and stats~

I am so EXCITED, this year will be GREAT!!!!



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