a Perfect Push up~

Well I got about half of my Christmas Cards sent out~ the ones to Ya’ll!!
and I also sent out a bunch of book promo stuff….So that feels GREAT!!!

I also did my workout today 100 “Perfect Push Ups” in 5 sets of 20 reps. …Have you seen the infomercial for The Perfect Push-UP? I’ve been using mine for the past 3 months and I love them!! They make my push ups so much more effective and comfortable. The ones I did today were standard push ups…not like the girl style that I am displaying in this photo
and 100 lunges with 60# on my back, again in 5 sets of 20 reps It was a good one!
my plan is to finally get to the gym again tomorrow :yay: and do a killer leg/butt workout!!

I am giving several items to 2 Christmas Angels through our church…Gunner and I are going to shop for those on our date tomorrow too! We have a busy morning of shopping planned, followed by a workout, followed by hanging Christmas lights outside and then the UFC TUF Final on SPIKE!!! I am excited to see Huerta fight and to see who wins the TUF finale– Mac or Tommy…I am rooting for the MN boy Tommy 🙂 (he is probably the underdog)

Anyhow… I cooked a turkey today– YUMMY!! I can’t wait to eat it

I love you guys, have a fun weekend!!



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