Sore Bod!

I have a sore bod! I think the only part of me that isn’t sore is my biceps–they hardly EVER get sore…those tiny little things are so durable, LMAO!

Thus, not being able to visit the gym due to my DD being sick has been a blessing in disguise. WHO, by the way, she is doing much better…I think she will go to school tomorrow! Thanks for your prayers!

I am giving some of April’s TOFFEE to a few people…that is if she can get it to me in time with her on vacation this week and all….I think it will be a great gift for some teachers and some co-workers — it is YUMMERS!!… if you are curious.

Okay, so my workouts and POA have been a bit modified due to my soreness and no gym the past 2 days. I did manage to keep my momentum though by doing “something”

Last night I did:
40 sit ups
10 pull ups
35 sit ups
*missed my lunges…I feel bad about that, but my BUTT was and is still very sore!*

Then tonight I did
120 lunges YAY! I think I’ll be able to do some with weight again tomorrow!!
5 sets of 7-8 bicep curls- 60’s on curl bar
Bent over rows with the same bar- 4 sets

That’s it!

In other news I spent all day Sunday updating and imputing addresses into my outlook contacts, now if I could just figure out how to merge those addys into labels I would be so HAPPY!!…I tried today to mail merge- NOT!
I can’t believe how hard that is! I am clueless!!! how frustrating~~

BUT, I think I will try again tomorrow!

Well, I am off to finish some Christmas Cards for my TEAM BuffMother! friends….
Love ya,



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