Ready to Rally!!

Well today is already a better day!!
Maybe cuz it is FRIDAY! :woohoo:

I’ve decided to RALLY about my fitness…I have been a weenie the last couple months. WAY too often putting business before my workouts. WELL that’s OVER~
My plan – is to workout at either 9:30 or 1:30 each day- NO EXCUSES!!
Sundays off.
My goal – a CHRISTMAS (just prior to) photo shoot! And I will be UBER BUFF!!
I need to add back lost muscle, and get ripped- i’ve got 10 weeks! My BIGGEST focus will be my butt/legs- so I am shooting for some BIG PR’s on squats and DL’s!

This morning I weighed in at 124….I need to boost up to about 127-128 and then I will cut down to 122 for my shoot.

here is the break down by weeks-
1 base build buff goal weight 124
2 boost goal weight 127
2 buff goal weight 124
2 boost goal weight 126
2 buff until shoot (slightly over 2 weeks) goal weight 122

Well, it is almost workout time, this is what I am doing today:
Warm up jog around the block 5min
Bowflex Chest press paired with bowflex tri extensions
perfect push ups paried with abs
Incline flys paired with tricep extensions
bench dips w/ abs
flat flys w/ tricep kickbacks

some intervals not sure what mode 10-20 mins duration, we’ll see how I feel…my legs (hammies) are KILLING ME!





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