11 is a good number!

Hey Y’all!!
It is day 11 of 70….can you believe we are over 1/7th done with the contest!!! Let’s keep up the great mojo and BE HOTT for the upcoming holidays~ speaking of which Halloween is just 5 weeks away….The perfect amount of time to see some KILLER results and enable you to wear a FUN costume!! I may just have to dress up this year….HMMM………I ‘ll have to get thinking and then find a PARTY to go to!

My peace today was found with DH…he just left now for work, a wee bit late 😉 BUT we had a GREAT POSITIVE conversation, a PINKY SWEAR and a prayer about out future life!!! It is so peaceful to know I have a partner in life- FOR LIFE!!! I found peace in my LOVE and intimacy with my DH!!!

My workout yesterday totally ROCKED!!!!!

I felt amazing for having been so ill this week….I think it may be the raisins I had pre-workout…EVERY TIME I EAT RAISINS I have KILLER workouts!!!

warm up- tanning 10 min only

Incline hammer chest press

Incline Flys
35’sx8x3 (next time I need to attempt the 40’s)

Cable Flys (one arm at at time)

Tricep cable push downs

one set standing high knees- no support
15 each leg

Tricep Extensions
Bicep curls

Front Delt raises (one arm at a time)
paired with push ups
10,10, 6, 10

some abs in between
knee ups 3 sets

Seated calves between some sets too

Then last night we had ROAST for supper–yummy!! and I had a root beer float for dessert and my treat.
Still no bread or grains for me this week except for 2 spoonfuls of macaroni n cheese.

I watched some TV last night~
BIONIC WOMAN!!!! I used to love that show when I was a kid…now they have a new one…I think I may just have to watch it every week!!

And TUF!!! I love cage fighting!!

Now I need to get to work~ but I plan on getting to the gym after lunch for a leg workout!!




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  1. I just started weight training and stumbled on your blog. Lots of great info! I need to get past the scale and getting discouraged since I seem to be doing everything right and I feel much better. I plan to check out your blog categories for tips! Thanks!

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