Fun!! outside workout~

FUN!!! outside workout….But first since sept is find your peace month…..I found peace after shaving my legs today~ OH so much better now!!!

My workout was a FUN outside workout~ I love that it is cooling down a bit out there~ still about 80-85 though.

warm up
walk around the small block with the twins…about .5 mile
then backyard

Circuit #1-
inverted pull ups
lat focus 20, bi focus 12, rhomboid focus 12
lat focus 15, bi focus 10, rhomboid focus 15

paired with circle swing set (boxer stance/shuffle jabs)
alternating directions
2 times around x4, 3 times aroundx2

Circuit #2-
side jumps like speed skater
legs only
4 sets x 30 reps (total)
legs with upper side swing
2 sets x30 reps
paired with
perfect push ups
20, 12, 10, 10, 13, 8

I felt like I was going to puke when I had 2 sets left on circuit #2….so I took a bit extra break in there to jot down all I had done.

It was a GREAT workout~

I am so excited about this weekend, we get to go away for a FIGHT NIGHT with no kiddos~ It is going to be so fun!!!! I need this DATE BAD!!!



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  1. Hello, this is mfarmer. I am at home on a different computer because mine locked up. I can’t get into the actual site because I can’t remember the first password. The first part, user name is pp-clasponly the password has 10 characters (that is all I know) Is there anyway you can help me out with this?

    You are relly doing great, the pictures look awesome!

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