UFC :(

I found my peace today in sleeping in….I had a little Layla join me, she is still not feeling 100%, but it was what I needed a bit of extra sleepy time with a little 4 year old.

I had no workout today, but I didn’t post last nights yet:

at home
warm up:
Bowflex shoulder press/bicep curl 2 burn out sets (100#)


Tricep bench dips
12×4 sets shoulder focuse lift body up to perfect 45 degree angle at top

Bicep curls

upright rows
45×15 x2 close super exaggerated form

Standing shoulder press
45×15 behind neck
65×8 frontx2 sets

lateral raises, front raises
15’xx10,6 2 sets

various messing around equipment in my garage~
then cardio fighting with my BOB~ It was a blast!! I WILL incorporate more of this in my workouts!!

UFC last night, was very disappointing. All but one of “my fighters” lost…I like Bispbing who did win, but he didn’t deserve it, the fight was “fixed” in my opinion. OH well, that’s the sport, you never know what’s gonna happen!!

I am excited for this week!!! I’ll post my plan and stuff in the morning,
time to get the kids to bed!!



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  1. Yup…I would say that Bisping’s win was not deserved at ALL!! I am not sure how two of the judges calculated that he won all three rounds!! I like both fighters, but was very disappointed in this outcome…more because it was “fixed”

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