Deads Galore!

Where is the peace???

Let’s see….I found my peace today while working out to a Joyce Meyer message. It was about being passionate about your life and purpose. GOOD stuff!! It really fired me UP!!!

I did a couple small leg workouts today.
The first was early in the day~
I used some 15#DB’s that were laying on my bedroom floor and just started cranking out the lifts….I did a bunch of Squats, Deads, side lunges…then I went out to my garage and did more DEADS with the O-bar that had 95# on it. In total I worked out for about 9 mins on my legs and then I did some ball crunches.

Then this evening I did some more:
a ton more deads in my garage
a bunch of step ups
quite a few leg extension on bowflex and
also leg curls.
that session lasted about 20 mins or so….

I will be sore! all those new variations of exercises and the amount of deads I did will do the trick.

p.s. I say where is the peace cuz 3/4 of my kids are sick with the tummy flu~ EWWW!



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  1. what a coincidence your mentioning joyce meyer – what a great speaker. the friend who got me into the buffmother loves her too.

    btw your pics looks amazing…

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