Thursday Already???

I am so confused…It feels like MONDAY to me for some reason today??

….Let’s first catch up on my PEACE!
I felt peace yesterday from accomplishment…I got a lot of important stuff done in the morning for business.
I felt peace today when I was in the shower…some days showers just feel soooooo good!

As many of you know I am in a time crunch to LAUNCH a huge Hormonal Timing by BuffMother! campaign…we are putting together several things all set to launch this fall…SO, I am BUSY! I have website stuff going, products being designed, my book to finish, business stuff to track, etc…. I am really enjoying much of it, but I am so excited to have this phase soon behind me. And the FUN part of really HELPING tons of people to do! I realized the other day when designing a fitness program for one of my clients, that is what I enjoy the most…my mission is simple to HELP people with my God given abilities.

Workouts have been tough to get done, in all this craziness…but yesterday I did! I had about 20 mins to spend and so I ran 5 mins warm up and then 6 approximately 100m sprints with less than 1 min rest. It was perfect!

Today, I had a leg workout on tap, but SEVERAL things have kept me from it so far…I may do a mini workout for legs in my HOME gym later, but I’ll have to see how much energy I have left after I get done with my “evening mommy chores”

Overall I am VERY determined to at least maintain a decent level of fitness and nutrition during this amazingly busy time of my life, it is SO important…and being BUFF is SOOOO worth the effort!!!

Love ya,



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