I delare, “SEPTEMBER is PURSUE PEACE month!”

/>I love the start of new months~ it is always like a mini-NEW year’s resolution time for me. I think about my goals, what I hope to accomplish, what I am RESOLVED to do….

Being that Sept 1 was on a Saturday, I kinda blew it off until today~ But my major resolve this month is to find PEACE! So I thought it’d be a great time to have another “theme”month in here similar to some of may others: PMA month, I believe, I am proud, I am thankful, etc….

I Declare, “SEPTEMBER is PURSUE PEACE month!” Let’s try to reflect, journal or blog daily about something we experienced that day that gave us PEACE. A HUGE part of having peace in our lives is identifying what gives us peace and shooting to incorporate more of it into our daily routines.

So for instance:
Thursday- I found peace swinging my daughter on a tire swing outside
Friday- I found peace going on a trip to the grocery store with my oldest daughter Gracie- just her and I
Saturday- I found peace outside on the trampoline
Sunday- I found peace cleaning my closet while listening to music

Let’s shoot to identify PEACE in our lives and GO after it more!

Since this is my blog…I’ll fill you in on my yesterday….I had a REST day, off of the computer, off of my normal “work” routine, off of workouts– I needed it! I think we all need at least 1 day a week of REST.

I rested but I still did plenty of stuff…I cooked quite a bit, I cleaned out my closet, we went shopping (all over town) for football equipment and then I played some catch with Gunner before bed time.

THE BIGGEST news of the day was rather sad! Layla CUT her hair off again….she did it last fall and it was just growing back to a decent length and yesterday she butchered it off! It is HORRIBLE!!! so there is no way she can be in the beauty pageant now…I think we’ll have Gracie step in to her spot. I’ll post some of the sad pictures later.

Love ya,



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