14 years!!

Today is my 14 year anniversary!!
my poor DH is sick…he came home from work even. So…I have no clue if we will go out to dinner as we had planned or not. No biggie, but it would be nice to do something~ maybe we’ll do it this weekend instead!

Okie dokie!! I have not gotten much done today yet, just messing around with tax stuff, etc…YUCK! I totally need an assistant to do that for me. In other news one of the twins, LAYLA is going to be in a pageant as a little MISS for a teenager in the HS pageant. SHE has the perfect personality for it and will LOVE it!! I expect it to be VERY CUTE!!!

Nothing much else to report, but that I am getting off this computer RIGHT NOW!!

Love ya,
p.s. I hope to get more details on the upcoming contest posted soon!! We’ll plan to start SEPT 10TH!!!



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