a good one!

Well…I finally had a good workout today.

This week has been a toughie for my workouts~ Monday I was so busy “working” , then tues my back was being a weenie! so my leg workout was less than super, then yesterday I had the “photoshoot” workout that didn’t feel like a real one…SO today I was DUE!

Here is is….

A circuit of:

Bench 95×20!, 95×18!, 95×10
Lat Pulls 130×12, 150×9, 130×10
Bench Dips(super contraction at end) 10x3sets
Barbell bicep curls 45×15, 45x10x2
rest 1 min REPEAT

another circuit of:

Cable Chest flys(one arm at a time) Punch style 30#x20, punch 40#x10, normal 30#x15
Posedown bicep curls 30×12, 40×5+30×5, 30×10
Lateral cable raises 10x10x3
Wide lat pull downs 60#x 5 together, 5rt, 5lft, 5 together x3 sets

mixed in 2 sets of plie sissy squats 25 each

then I ran outside for about 20 mins in the 90degree heat!


Here are some pics from today~ just thought I’d try on my comp suit…all that talk about itty bitty bottoms made me lonely for mine



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