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www.BuffMother.comWell I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 weeks of my workouts…coming back from 2 weeks off I’ve felt FRESH and my body has been LOVING my workouts. I’ve just been lifting and doing virtually no cardio…the only time that can count as cardio has been my warm ups on the r-bike smile

If you have never tried “just lifting” you should! Remember that lifting does burn a ton of calories (often times more than cardio), is good for your heart, your joints, your bones, your cholesterol, your hormones, your flexibility, etc… Don’t feel that you ALWAYS have to do traditional CARDIO to lose fat or weight…that’s actually a lie.

Back to my report…
I only missed 1 workout during the last 2 weeks (a chest/tri one)…that was on Monday when I was just WHIPPED for some reason.

Anyhow, the creatine I took served its purpose and helped me to not get sore…I stopped taking it on Tuesday and I am MUCH sorer this week.
The NO cardio has really helped my ankle sprain heal…It has now been 2 months and it finally feels about 90%!
My booty challenge is going GREAT!! I KNOW my butt looks way better than it was 2 weeks ago The yay yippee guy I’ve really loved the 100l unges and 100 squats…I’ve been trying to do several varieties to hit my booty from all angles. Another thing that I KNOW has helped my butt are CATS, they really help create a good lumbar curve in my back and that helps the booty look lifted The Poser

My POA for this week (same for the next 2)
M-Chest/Tri/ABS/Booty INTERVALS (run)
W-BACK/Shoulders/Bi’s INTERVALS…boooty too!
Th-Chest/Tri/ABS Booty Intervals (run)
S-am fasted run then possibly lift back/sh/bis….DATE to Local CAGE FIGHTS!!

My lifting will be more of a circuit style (but still HEAVY) and I am shooting for my workouts to last no longer than 60 mins total…so short sweet effective and sweaty!
My Goal is to end the week at 124 for my date…I am 128 today, but bloated and toxic at the moment…my “REAL weight” is closer to 125.

Well of to REST,



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