BACK workout on a Saturday~

Happy Saturday~ a quick hello!!
I am crazy busy today for a Saturday…I guess cuz there is just a lot going on right now with school starting, Travis’ BUSY up coming work week, still catching up on my “work stuff” from last week, and HOUSEWORK too!!

I did sneak away to the gym though for an awesome back workout…I felt strong 🙂

Here is a quick recap:
One arm hammer rows
assisted wide overhand pull ups
med ball torso twists
lat pulls
wide cable lat pulls
1 set of db shoulder work
Walking lunges 100 outside (now)

I think the creatine I was taking was “old” and ineffective…so I started taking NOXCG3 yesterday and woke up weighing 3 pounds more today!  I think it works, lol!

Well, back to work~ keep rocking those bootys and stay focused on how Buff you will be in a year!!

p.s. I’ve been working hard on my workouts all week…I’ve been absent cuz my modem blew up last sunday and I just got back online on Friday–MISSED YOU ALL!!



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