Got a PLAN!!

I spent some time right before bed to make up my POA for the next 5 weeks!!  I am so pumped and a little scared…why scared you ask??

Well, I am gonna get SORE!  I know there is no way around it, after taking the last 2 weeks off, that nasty initial soreness will HURT next week.

So, part of my plan is to take CREATINE!!  I have not taken it in about a year,  since it puffs me up so bad, lol!

Here is my POA for this week:
Sun- take ending buffing pics= starting Buff In a Year pics and Starting booty challenge pics!
And Measurements
Sun off
*note, no cardio :yay:!!  my focus is gonna be 100% on my lifting for this 2 week boosting phase–MY BIGGEST FOCUS ON MY BOOTY (of COURSE) and I plan on doing a ton of core work too!

**I will do the weekly mini challenges for the booty challenge also!!

I am pumped!!

Eats today so far:
Coffee 2 cups w/half and half and sugar C
EZ toast w/mayo and chicken 2P,2C, 1F
Big bowl of Brussels sprouts 2G
green drink G
Olives 🙂 1F
I plan to pig out on STEAK tonight , lol!

have a super SATURDAY~~



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  1. Hey Michelle…I just joined buffmother a couple of days ago and you are such an inspiration to me!! I read your blog every day and I’ve adjusted my eating habits…today will be my first day back at lifting after FOREVER and I am totally excited as I’ve had three children in the past 3 and a half years and NEED to get my body back!! Just wanted to say thanks for everything!! YOU ROCK SISTER!

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