TGIF!! I am excited for this weekend~ don’t know why exactly as I have no plans for anything but finishing my book!!!

I am noticing my muscle FLYING off my body from not lifting over the past 10 days, lol! I am ON FIRE to get back at it!! I will make a solid 3-4 month plan this weekend

Thanks for the kick in the ever rising booty about being accountable on our eating, Patti!!
Here are mine for today:
PPPP- eggs, roast
CC- EZ toast
FFFF- butter, egg yolk, beef fat–all bad ones sorry 🙁
GG- green beans

I am not done yet though :)…HUNGRY right about NOW!!
So I “plan” on finishing out the night with a protein shake- not sure what kind (PC) and a green drink…that should even my portions out a bit.

Well, I am knee deep in work at the moment, so this will have to be short.
Love ya!!



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