Yippie Skippie!!!

YIPPIE, Skippie!

I am in a HAPPY mood today…!! I am excited for so many reasons it is hard to count!!!

– I am pumped to start lifting again next week!!!
– I am pumped that school starts on the 6th!!
– I am uber pumped to get my book to the editor on MONDAY!!!
– I am pumped to get the final results of the QFCC challenge done!
– I am pumped to start the BIY challenge and the BOOTY Challenge!!
– I am pumped to start some boxing training
– I am pumped to finish swimming lessons for the kids (just 2 days left)
– I am pumped because all of you are doing so GREAT!!!
– I am pumped to plan my 14th anniversary that’s in about 5 weeks!!

Lot’s of FUN happening!!
Now I am off to DO the WORK to make the fun stay fun!

Have a PUMPED DAY!!!




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  1. HI Tina, The challenges are in our TEAM BuffMother! Rally room. A few of our Team Leaders put together these latest challenges that both started on August 1st: BIY is a big one that lasts the entire year- BUFF IN A YEAR!!
    The Booty Challenge is actually called “RAISE the TITANIC” and lasts until Labor day. All about building our bootys!!!

    You can join the Rally Room for 2 weeks free and see what you think, we’d love to have you there~

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