I believe I have had a great month of BELIEF building this MONTH!! There is HUGE power in believing!! WE must believe we can have what we desire in order to ever see it happen. That is why we must learn how to believe. Simply saying positive things about your body, your workouts and you nutrition will enable you to start believing them. For instance if you look in the mirror and see a fat belly looking back- tell that image, YOU will be tiny and flat soon! That will help you start to believe that it will happen. By doing it continually you will take action towards making that happen and soon your belief will be a reality!! BELEIVE that you can be buff and don’t settle for anything less than a spectacular life!! You can live your dream!!! Believe it!!

My Day yesterday was good despite the change in plans. I cleaned in the morning a bit before the photoshoot~ which was good to have done, I also did a bunch of laundry, which now needs folding  🙁

Greens for yesterday:
Ziga, Pea pods- way too many, lol!

warm up u-bike 15 mins
Cybex pull downs
paired with knee ups
40(20front, 10sides)x3sets

pull ups 7
hanging knee ups- all the way up into a ball
15- hard!!

Standing BB shoulder press
45×10 front, 10 behind
65×10 frontx10x2
paired with bicep curls
45×10 bicep curls
added in between 2 sets of inverted pull ups 10 reps each and one more set hanging knee ups

Hammer High lat Isolateral pulls
70x10each armx3sets

Seated rows
paired with
25#plate front raisesx12x3

Ran- on treddy at 2%grade
a couple of intervals then steady at 9mph for 10 mins straight
a total of 20 mins

Good workout~ I will go to the gym around 1 to do a good chest workout with some intervals

Have a fun this LAST day of JUNE~ amazing!

Belief quote for today:
“We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.”
-Louisa May Alcott

Saturday continued….
Well, I got all my laundry DONE, folded and put away.  Then it was time to do my workout~ so off to the gym we went

got there and chatted for 15 mins with a fellow gym ratt then got a good 12min r-bike warm up

Chest press 70×15 warm up for
95x10x3 in a circuit with
10 push upsx3
25 situps x3

Incline flys
35×6, plus 30×4
35×5, plus 30×5
paired with
bench dips 10 focused on shoulder contraction at the end of each

Cable flys
paired with
tricep extensions

pose down Bicep curls
paired with cable flys

Bicep Curls
paired with tricep push downs
95 x10x3
burn out set

Then I did the elliptical
8 intervals mixed alternating 4- 30sec@14 moving arms as if I was running  and 4- 20sec@15 holding on ones….
total time 20 mins

That’s all!
greens today
ziga, pea pods, asparagus

Now to shower~



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