Wild week so far!

Wild week here in my world!
I am sorry to be behind on posting~ this is the first week my dear son has been out of school and I am in a tailspin.  Life is very different, lol!

Okay~ a breif recap of the week to this point
mon…I ran!! for the first time since my ankle sprain
Tues…db squats and dl’s while grilling chicken better than nothing…then 40 mins trying to sweat out some h20 since i was prepping for a shoot
Wed- 4 hours of a photo shoot
Thurs- finally today a leg workout at the gym!!
My workout was this:
Warm up 5 min elliptical

Leg extension

95#good morinings- about 5
95# front squats- about 5
one set walking calves- simply walking slow exaggerating your calf raise
135×10 supper low butt
135×10 supper low butt

Smith Butt squats
90×12, 110x12x2+10 mini booty squeeze ones
paired with smith lunges same weights and reps of 10
paired with bent over leg curls 50, 70, 70

Leg press
180 warm up
180×36 butt squeeze

Leg extensions
130×12 toes out
130×12 toes close and in
150×10 toes st

I have another shoot tomorrow!  so good night!



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