Pics, Sat’s workout and POA

Hi Everyone- that pic was taken last Saturday, my first Saturday as a 32 year old.
more pics from the last month are here: Photo Album

Yesterday, I ended up have a super dooper workout at the gym and a GREAT finish to the day.  I spent time outside, went for a drive with the kids and then watched the UFC event!!  It was a good day!

My workout went like this:
r-bike warm up
10 mins
chest press warm up 70×20

paired with bench dips s5x3
and knee ups 15 front and 15 ea sidex3 sets

tricep exentions on the same bench
paired with crunches- feet on bar

Incline Flys
paired with tricep push downs

Cable flys one arm at a time(alternating arms)

Elliptical intervals- 20 mins of 1min hard:1 min easy– last 4 were backwards almost in a sitting position- focused on my Booty 🙂

today is my day off-
I am pumped because I accomplished my POA last week!!  I’ll report soon!

Have a good Sunday afternoon!

Team BuffMother! Rally Room Quest for Consistency Challenge -POA review and plan:

WOW!! I believe that the count down needs to be ON!!!
We have only 3 weeks left of the Consistency Challenge~ Let’s hit it hard- tomorrow is only 21 days to go!! FOCUS HARD!!

Weekly MINI CHALLENGE #8- June 25- Eat 3 servings of greens each day (1cup+ each)

NOW to review last week’s results:
MINI CHALLENGE #7- DID IT!!! 10 stomach vacuums each day (10-15 secs each)…I loved this challenge- My tummy pooch is gone feeling GREAT! I think I’ll continue on with it forever!

I met my POA this week! Here is the results~
M-Lift legs
T-Lift Back and intervals
W-Lift Chest and intervals
“Th-Lift Legs
F-Lift Back- Gunner’s last day of school!! ADDED -intervals!!! and a pull up pb of 13!!!
Sa-Lift Chest, intervals

NO obstacles in my way!!!
Encouraged MANY along the way~ including an old in gym client of mine who had a baby 5 mo ago

Next week’s plan:
M-Legs- no carbs- protein and greens
T-Back- no carbs-protein and greens
W-photo shoot in am some cardio if I have any gas left
S-upper body


Belief quote for today:
“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.”
-Louisa May Alcott



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  1. Where can I buy a poster of a man and a women with a muscle build or bodybuilding poster’s I cannot find one in a 24×30 or larger, around $8.00 to $20.00. If you ever need some really good shots let me know.

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