I believe in Realtionships


I believe in relationships…we are made for this purpose.  The reason God created man was so he could have “relationship”…that is AMAZING!  And makes me realize that the HAPPIEST times of my life have been when I am actively seek out relationships with other people.  I am a very independent person and have at times a tendency to isolate myself from interacting with others.  It is my natural “I can do it better by myself” attitude.  However, it is not very fun nor is it very rewarding when others are not involved in the process or the reward.  That’s why I love the Rally Room!  It keeps me in relationship with others and gives me a place to easily give my energy away through encouraging others!!  I love the RELATIONSHIPS I have been blessed with in TEAM BUFFMOTHER!!
So, yesterday I ended up playing kickball at Gunner’s field day- luckily I had taped my ankle in anticipation that I may have to participate.  I was surprised at how well I kicked, ran the bases and fielded the ball.  NOW,both my DH and SON think I am “faking” my sprained ankle now, lol!  I told them I just had adrenaline and I know how to get “up” for competition :hehe:

Then after supper I did a back, shoulder, bicep circuit style workout (all 8 exercises total of 3 sets)

1-pull ups: 13!!pb, 8, 7overhand wide
2-sit ups:3×50
3- bent over rows 30#’sx12x3
4-lateral raises 15’sx15-20 repsx3
5-one are db lat rows w/twist 30#x12x3
6- ab wheel 20,15×2
7- military press 25#’sx10x3
8- bicep curls 25x10x3

Then I rode the upright bike for just 5 mins (since I already did my intervals in the am)

I was BEAT and Luckily got to bed by 11:30 and slept in until 9!!
Now we are off to the gym for my last workout of the week, CHEST and intervals.

Have a super day filled with RELATIONSHIP~
OH and on SPIKE tonight the TUF finals is on–GO BJ PENN!!!


Belief quote of the day:
“You can do it if you believe you can!”
Napoleon Hill



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  1. Michelle….you know nowadays, you couldn’t take a large water bottle on with you for a carry-on on a plane. You can’t have any liquids with you! But you’re sooo right about getting dehydated on a plane. Have a great day!!!

  2. I hate planes I feel so icky when i get off of them; I bring lots of water with me when I go on them to.

  3. Keeping hydrated IS key… it lasts with you for days after you get off the plane too.. you can ask for lots of water on the flight.. unless it is a puddle jumper.. I’ve done that.. and my skin is so much happier 🙂

  4. How true, Michelle…the importance of having good relationships is so underestimated in todays world! Look back and see how much more was accomplished in the past by families, neighbors, communities all working together. Neighbors helped keep an eye on the children, villagers all tended to and shared a mutual garden. Teachers, doctors, pastors…were all part of your “family” and an extra plate set out at dinnertime was the norm. Our foremothers were able to get so much more done each day (and still got their sleep)because of the many relationships involved in their everyday lives. Today we have so many modern conveniences, yet mother’s face overwhelming responsibilities and their health has to pick up the slack. Why? Because we have been taught to be “SuperMoms” that should be able to do everything ourselves! But we really do NEED eachothers help. I agree 100% with you, Michelle…relationships are the key to staying strong and healthy mentally and physically. LOL…I’ll get down off my soapbox now 🙂

  5. I think it’s biorhythms~ mine are NIGHT OWL ones~ my DD is like you and has never slept in a day of her life!

  6. I love being social and I SO LOVE the relationships I have made from the Rally Room!!! There’s a special bond there …something we ALL have in common! I never DREAMED I could have such close friends online!! Then meeting YOU, Michelle and the others from all over the U.S. on the infomercial made me realize… it is ALL SO REAL!!! VERY VERY VERY cool and special to me!!!

  7. are you serious that you’ve never flown? wow!! you don’t hear that every day! good luck on your test!

  8. why do we feel like that sometimes? that we are alone…how can we be alone there are soooo many people all around?
    GREAT to know we are NOT!

  9. Always drink plenty of water on a plane, just do anyway. Been a habit for me for yrs. No one has to tell me :).
    Sleeping in is so awesome. Alot of times I can’t but when I do it’s really a treat!! Sleep in on Sat, Sun slightly since church isn’t till 9 and I give myself one morn a wk off from my workout so I can sleep an hr later. It still feels like a treat!!

  10. You are right. Airplanes totally dehydrate you. I am also somewhat of a loner and tend to have a few good friends that I really enjoy. My family is the most important to me.

  11. So true. God created us to be in a relationship with Him. I think we forget this. If there’s one relationship we neglect too often it is our relationship with Him. So important to take a moment at the start of the day and check in and let Him know all our concerns and to listen and hear what He has to say and then we need to step out the door in faith and do what he asks us to do.
    May each of us be a Blessing to someone today!

  12. Water and protein and veggies and fruit for the airplane. I pack for an army these days with all the delays…

  13. I completely understand the independent personality. I, too, am able to get into bad habits of staying in my own little world. But, I think my independence has helped me in my workouts. I’m kinda envious when I see 2 friends working out together. But, there’s probably a lot more talking than pushing each other.

    Yesterday, did a.m. 30min-interval. In the afternoon I did legs and abs. I wrote my workout down so I wont list here like before. I did manage to get in 200 ab things in during the day.

  14. How true about relationships. I too have the I can do it better myself attitude and am very independant. But I can also tell the differance (sometimes too late) when I am doing too much on my own and get overwhelmed. We all need others at somepoint and God intends this so we can support each other, bless others and in turn are blessed ourselves by doing so. Thanks for reminding me I am not in this life alone!

  15. sleeeeeeepppp WHATS THAT?…..lol…..I wish I could sleep in but my body clock wont let me….I am more of a morning person….I usually wake up happy……as far as the plane goes never been on one so I cant comment….=0)….. Now that school is back in session I really wont get any sleep…..I have a sociology test already on Friday…..argh!!!

  16. I wish I could sleep in. 3month twin boys and a 5yr old don’t allow me to! thats o.k. they young for a short time!

  17. i have made some amazing relationships working at my fitness center–wonderful people there with the same passions.

  18. It is funny you should say that about relationships because I am actually seeking a workout partner. Preferably a woman so that I can be challenged to do better. Unfortunately my girlfriends don’t make any type of exercising a priority. I do however have a co-worker who enjoys Bikram yoga and invited me to join her and I accepted. This is a beginning.

  19. There are exercises I like to do alone, such as running and working out, but I do enjoy an occassional spin class or other type class just for the energy you get from the group.

    Can’t sleep in…what? miss half the day doing that! Love the early morning time, quiet and peaceful. God also created naps, too 🙂

  20. oh wow!! you poor dear…I’ve sooo been there~
    but you are right, soon you will be able to and it will be wonderful

  21. Bikram Yoga is Excellent! I used to attend 3 times a week. I have a bad lower back, but when I took the Bikram Yoga classes, I never had an ache. Wish there was one around where I live now.

  22. Love your write up on relationships!

    Have not worked put yet today. Attempted to go running, but couldn’t physically do it. Attempted a workout and couln’t do that either. Everything on my body feels like it weighs a ton and I am exhausted. Not sure what is going on. I am bummed though.

  23. I will be flying to Germany in 3 short weeks for vacation with friends! I will keep that in mind but I hate using plane bathrooms.

  24. OMGosh…would LOVE to sleep in, but I have trained my body (alittle too much) to get up at 3am, cardio @3:30, shower & sitting at my desk by 5am! UGH!!
    I do get to sleep till 6am on wknds – so that is a nice treat!!

  25. I try to pee while waiting for the plane, right before getting on the plane, and of course, I end up having to pee in the plane’s restroom, too. That pressure up in the air wreaks havoc on my bladder!

  26. Relationships are so important to our wellbeing. I teach about mental health from a wellness model and am very familiar with the research

  27. Relationships are so important to our wellbeing. I teach about mental health from a wellness model and am very familiar with the research. If you live in NW Arkansas, I would teach my workshop in Spirirually Intimate Partnerships free of charge to a small group of couples in your congregation or community. To find out about it, contact me.
    G. Stanford, PhD

  28. Im sad this challenge is almost over for me! Michelle you’ve been such a huge inspiration! Thanks! 🙂

  29. thanks for always being so posative and encouraging, it makes my days a little brighter and something to think about.

  30. I couldn’t agree more about the relationships. I haven’t slept until 9 in years….maybe when I was sick, but that’s it. LOL! I’m a morning person though 🙂

  31. Thanks for the tips about flying (although I have never flown in my life). Also, thanks about the relationship encouragement. I have been working out with my neighbor and my brother for the last 3 nights. It has been great! It helps push me harder than before. That is all for now.

  32. I’ve always love being by myself, but recently have found myself working closely with another to bring the best of me out. So yes, it is good to have relalationships with others, just be selective and chose those who will help you not hinder you and you goals.

  33. I always get sick on a plane…stuffy, congested, etc. I think its the recycled air, but it takes me a couple of days to recover. Maybe now that I’m on all these vitamins and BuffMother supplements, my body will be much more prepared when I fly to Jamaica in April!

  34. Oh yes!! Your flight is going to rock to Jamaica!!! I am so excited for you…maybe you can sneak me into your suitcase?

  35. Getting ready for MDA Stride and Ride in the morning….WOO HOO! Then we will be off to the gym for an awesome leg work out!!!

  36. Keep the positive people in your life and they will keep you positive. I have learned to get rid of the negative, they just bring you down. Nothing more rewarding that have great friends, I am blessed to have some pretty good ones – Each on is different and that is the best part.

    I always buy a big bottle when I am traveling too! I like to watch the air get sucked out of it when descending – LOL

  37. I will keep that in mind when I am flying to Mexico in 11 DAYS!!! Yippee! all this hard work will be on display on the beach 🙂

  38. I have not had to fly in a long time, but I love my gigantic Zephyr Hills water bottles and take them everywhere with me.

  39. i try to remember to take all my vitamins and drink water, water, water when flying!
    relationships help us learn to love, otherwise we would be selfish. God said love is the most important!

  40. Sometimes depending on how stressed I am … I must have atleast one drink on the plane

  41. I am glad I don’t have a fear of flying…I still don’t care for it much, but at least I am not fearful.

  42. Yes without our relationships we would be like the animals. God created us to have that special bond with others!

  43. i MUST do a better job at keeping hydrated! So easy to forget to drink that much water. Didn’t know planes were so dehydrating either! Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  44. I really isolate. I love to be around my co-workers and patients, but on the norm like to be by myself. Definately not like me 5 years ago. I was the life of the party, the party girl, suzy plan maker. I was never alone, but after my change in drinking careers, my social life changed also. All for the good though. I need to remember the bad times too.

  45. Just got home from a long trip— no wonder I feel like a dried up prune! I will hit the water!

  46. The AC was down where I work all day today. I was definitely drinking alot of water all day; the only downside – lots of trips to the bathroom!! Oh well, I guess that’s better than being parched (-;

  47. it’s easy to get stuck in “isolation mode” – break free from that…enjoy relationships!! I enjoy your interaction here!! THANKS!

  48. I have my days when I really want to be alone but most days I think I interact pretty well with people. I’m REALLY loving the RR though. I know I’ll only receive encouragement in there and not the usual critical, argumentative, defensive interaction I deal with at work. Thanks again, Michelle, for all you do!!!

  49. Relationships are divinely instituted and I do enjoy life WITH them, but I also get off on a tangent sometimes when I just want to do things alone too. I guess as long as I balance it, it feels healthy to me.

  50. Water water water….cant get enough 🙂 amen to that! I too have to work at making sure i nurture relationships in my life. I am a bit of a loner..not in a bad way it just feels less complicated to just do it yourself. Life is more fulfilling when you have relatiinships with others most of the time 🙂

  51. I have been so inspired by the fact that this is not just a diet/exercise/fitness program, it really is about focusing on a new positive lifestyle and the fitness just goes hand in hand with it!

  52. Have bicep muscle woohoo:-). I found putting slice of frozen lemon in water keeps it cool and tastes nicer so drink more

  53. I love using concepts from your work outs into mine- but I am still not feeling any major differences- i think thats my “i need to see results now” attitude. I was feeling great all last week and this week has not been the same attitude. I feel like I need to push myself further but maybe its the fact that i have been in this alone! I am trying to take more classes at my gym to be around others.

  54. I did 30 man push-ups on day 35! my goal with this fit in 40 was to go from 5 woman push-ups to 30 man push-ups by day 40…i did it 35! I will do them BETTER on day 40! thank you for keeping me on track!!!

  55. Oh this is so me. I am a bit of a loner and my tendency is to isolate myself. I enjoy being around other people and getting out, but it seems like too much work sometimes. I always feel better when I make the effort.

  56. I started the day off right with the elliptical! Trying to keep my eye on the prize even though I’m boosting!!

  57. I tend to have loner tenancies myself, but realize true growth comes from relationships…… Workin’on this one.. …:)

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