Leading by action~


I believe in leading by my actions…case in point my workout today.

I don’t ask my clients to do anything I am unwilling to do myself. SOOOO…Since, I am on the same workout schedule as one of my clients LISA of NE, I decided to do the same workout as her today.
The friendly “competition” really helped push me to excel and be relentless!
Thanks LISA!

The rest of my day was busy, I came home- worked on my book, then left to bring Gracie to the doctor for her pre-kindergarten physical and shots…she had to have 5!
She did good, then I had to get the other 2 girls, went to McD’s for a TREAT meal…then to baseball.
Last game of the season!!
HORRAY! I am excited for tomorrow~ nothing EXTRA on my super full to do list!

Here is my workout
Warm up r-bike 8 mins

Pull ups 12 (pb!),8,6
paired with High knee abs 20×3, plus one set of 40 alternating

lat pulls (cybex close grip)
paired with db bicep curls (alternating)

Seated rows
paired with lateral raises (one arm at a time) twist like dumping a glass out at top

Arnolds (alternating arms)
20×6 too light
25×10 too light again
paired with crunches 15, 20, 20

Bent over lateral raises (pause at top)
Knee ups 20 front, 10-15 each side (3 sets)

13 mins on elliptical then ankle got sore- hard 13 easy 11
finished 7 mins on r-bike- hard 6 easy 5
1 min hard 1 min easy

Sleep tight tonight and keep sucking in those tummys!! mine is sore šŸ™‚



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  1. Hi! I have recently been becoming a gym person again– lost 22 lbs since March and gone from a 12 to a 6. My body is getting some definition to it — thank goodness!!!!! I am wanting to take it further and found your site– yes- I am a mommy so I want to be as Buff as I can. I saw your workout.- Is that high number the weight amount you use? Also, How long are you in the gym? I also am intersted in toning the abs- my workouts now don’t include a lot and that seems to be the part that is needing some work now. Please help! Thanks,

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