I just found out about this ad for featuring little ole’ ME!!
This one is found on page 80 of FLEX magazine’s July 2007 issue, YIPPIE!!

FUN STUFF!! I am amazed~Thanks so much to for including me in the AD!! I love it!!



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  1. So glad I found your website! My goodness it has been so informative! Thank you, thank you, Thank you! I commented for the last 2 years to living a fit life but, was still skinny fat… slowly but, surely with your website and knowledge I have been correctyed all of my nutritional wrongs and making them right! Oh, my gosh! I was really cheating myself in regards to my protein intake! NO WONDER I was so sluggish! You have been a lifesaver! Thank you! I plan to join your site as soon as I move around a few things within my budget! God Bless you and blessings to all you love!

    Amy Louise Charleston

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