I believe in PURPOSE. WE ALL have a purpose for our lives…do you have a vision of what your’s is?

I know mine…it is to HELP WOMEN- as simple as that! I’d like to help every woman in the world have HOPE- I want to share the message that they have the power to change their body, life and legacy.

Does that sound do-able? LOL! I BELIEVE it is!!

Now, I have not always had this VISION for my PURPOSE…it has taken time, effort and GOD’s timing to reveal it in my life. I’ve only had a CLEAR VISION for my purpose for the past 2-3 years. Until then I was searching and honestly more than a little frustrated…I had an uneasy feeling, I knew I was supposed to do something, but WHAT??

I really believe that God puts me through every part of my life for a reason…even the bad parts. I now see how things that seemed bad at the moment have now turned to work for my favor. I’ve also gained a ton of WISDOM through my struggles and my triumphs. Without the past 32 years of my life I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be ready to attack my PURPOSE.

A couple books that helped me in finding my purpose are: the BIBLE, “Reduce me to LOVE” by Joyce Meyer and “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson

Today, was upper body workout day with my SIL at 8:30! I am an early bird!!
45×20 wu

Cable Flys

Lat pull downs (cybex)

Isolateral Shoulder press

Tricep extensions
Barbell curls

Dips 10

Knee ups on Roman chair 40, 25 (back hurt a bit)

Ran on treddy for 21 mins- longer intervals woven in using incline for some and speed for some.

Keep on Believing and keep striving towards your PURPOSE…YOU HAVE ONE!!




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  1. Such great advice. I am one of those many women you have definitely inspired to reach for more in my workouts and in helping others to reach their goals. I have been reminded to always look to encourage someone else. When it is genuine, it is priceless! Thanks.

  2. I just read this in a devotion sent out today~ it’s perfect!!
    “But the Lord stood with me and strengthened me, so that the message might be preached fully through me, and that all the Gentiles might hear. Also I was delivered out of the mouth of the lion.” (2 Tim. 4: 17, NKJV)

  3. oh Kay!! thanks~ you wouldn’t believe how wonderful it makes me feel that what I strive to do is working!! God has surely given me a wonderful purpose and I LOVE ever positive effect I can bring to you and others!!

  4. You have most definitely been a huge motivating person in my life… My husband knows of you, knows of your boards and the way you keep me on track. He reminds me when I’m feeling low or gotten away from my own goals of you.. which helps a great deal.. I don’t know how you stay so positive.. but I have to believe it is God working through you for the benefit of others 🙂

  5. I love the idea that God has a purpose for all of our lives through salvation in His Son Jesus Christ. I want to live each day fulfilling that purpose for me:)

    I was short on time last night for my leg wo, so I did what I could with the time I had and was surprised how much I fit in!!!

  6. WOW! You are one STRONG lady! And so incredibly motivating… I KNOW you have found your PURPOSE!!! 😀

  7. That is a great post Michelle. You were definitely given to us for an amazing purpose.. and we thank you!!

  8. We all have a purpose in life, it’s finding out the right one, and when we do we can live in peace and harmony. I hope I found mine.

  9. That is a great purpose. In healthcare, my purpose is to help people. What a good feeling it is to help others.

  10. Another book that I think you’ll like is “Cure for the Common Life” by Max Lucado. I am soooo glad that you found your purpose because we really benefit from it! Thanks so much!

  11. Wow, this is scary. You must have been on our front porch last night when we were talking about this very same thing!! Our metal is tested and strengthened through adversity. I’ve had one ephiphany after another through this process of losing/gaining/losing/gaining weight …so much wisdom gained from my “failures” that I can no longer see them as failures, but only as lessons learned. And that applies to the more important areas of my life even more.

  12. Oh Michelle – perfect! I so agree. We are made with a purpose to be in fellowship with HIm and that means with all our brothers and sisters, too, though we often fail miserably. This group is a wonderful example of that fellowship/community. Thanks so much for all you do and for allowing me to walk on this journey with you.
    Have a blessed day!

  13. I tend to have the all or nothing mentality. On the days I don’t feel like working out I will try your tip and start out with five minutes. Usually if you do that you want to keep on going!

  14. Michelle once again God speaks through you in perfect timing. I totally have the all or nothing mentality. I have to remind myself often that I do have a purpose and it is so true that all that I go through even bad is in preparation. God is sovereign and ALWAYS in control and NEVER surprised. I do have to work at it though cause I like to try and take the lead but God does a much better job of course! Thank God for you and the purpose He has given you!

  15. You hit the nail right on the head for me. I have always been an all or nothing person. So frustrating. That is just what I needed to hear today. I don’t have to go to the gym for an hour if the hour isn’t there. 5, 10 min of something, anything at home still gets me closer to my goals. Thanks

  16. Thank you for reminding me that doing something, even for 5 min. is better then not doing it at all. My low back is in pain from pulling weeds yesterday. So, I will do some stretching and big muscle lifts for 5 min. or so. Also, I am trying to find my other purpose in life besides being a mother.

  17. Michelle, dear…you have a wonderful purpose, indeed! I am so grateful that I was led to the RR…a place to share my enthusiasm for encouraging others as well. LOL, some days in my own relationships, I think I annoy more than I inspire… but the you and the RR always pick me right back up! Thank you 🙂

  18. Great blog! Now that my kids are in their final years of high school, I am in search of another side of “me.” 🙂

  19. Your purpose to encourage and inspire is definitely being filled. Thank you. Because of you I believe and know I will have a six pack, arms that pop and killer legs and tush.

  20. I feel yucky today. Was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Have absolutely no appetite forced myself to eat soup, drinking water hurts my throat so its taking a lot of effort. I know I have not consumed the water I should have today. I don’t know if I’ll feel up to working out tomorrow. I do agree with purpose….I am still searching for mine.

  21. sounds good–and it does work to just start and it does motivate yourself to keep going–thanks

  22. OK. Feeling much better than I did two days ago. Ran 3.5 miles today. Will be doing Plyometrics later this afternoon. This a very tough workout. I realized I am fighting the PMS monster. I think that’s why my body basically came to a halt the other day. Is that possible?

  23. I didn’t work out physically today but did get my reading of the Word in (my spiritual work out is #1)

  24. I’ve said it before and will say it again God is using you. Thank you for all your inflouance and inspiration, I can’t believe that the 40 days are almost over. hope you have a great week.

  25. Day 38. Yesterday I made up my own workout. Running up and down the stairs, jump roping, abs, and pushups in a circuit!

  26. SWEET! isn’t it a fun realization to know you can make up workouts doing all sorts of things 🙂

  27. YES! HORMONES are the most powerful force in our bodies!! do you have my book?
    WE must take our hormones into consideration!!!

  28. I often tell my clients to think back to their thoughts and dreams and desires at the age of 16-18…those desires were so pure and true to who we are~ go back and reclaim the person you were before life caused you to stop dreaming.

  29. doing those little workouts will help keep your mojo in the long run~ and the LONG RUN is what’s important!

  30. This past week has been a great one,, I feel kinda slow today,, i need to get pumped up,, planning for 45 min on stairmaster, and back and shoulders,,, 🙂

  31. This past week has been a great one,, I feel kinda slow today,, i need to get pumped up,, planning for 45 min on stairmaster, and back and shoulders,,, 🙂

  32. I truly enjoy getting up and reading your email and posts. They’re so positive that they set my day in motion!

    Only 3 more days, and I’m going to miss getting the inspirational emails and messages. You are serving your ‘purpose’ for sure!! Thank you!

  33. Still looking for my purpose overall. Struggling with relationships right now but I still get out of bed no matter how much I dont want to and I still go to the gym because after I leave the gym I knwo I will feel much better:)

  34. Keep up the fight…I truly believe that you will find your purpose if you are sure to pursue GOD and your PASSIONS in life!

  35. Hi again, Thank you for all your different messages. Had shorter workout tonight about 25 – 30 min. Then played hide-and-seek in the house with the girls. We still had lots of energy (at least in the 3 year old) so we raced up and down the stairs. Daddy was out hunting so we had a girls night. Thats all for now. Lora

  36. I’m very glad you have found your purpose. There’s nothing as frustrating as not knowing what you were made for. To figure that out is a great thing. We each are designed differently for different purposes. I’m figuring mine out, bit by bit. It’s so much fun!

  37. Well, I still haven’t completely figured it out yet. I have seven children and am now divorced. My fifth child is somewhat autistic with intellectual disabilities. Because of this situation I have seen my marriage dissolve, I’ve seen family members struggle to understand the problems and therefore find it difficult to be supportive, I’ve seen members of society not respond appropriately because they lack awareness of mental health issues and I’ve seen people who bear God’s name either write the problems off as spiritual issues or ignore them entirely due to lack of understanding. I have been running down a hard road. It is hard for us to go to church right now because generally churches are not set up to accomodate disruptive people.
    There are many other families who struggle with similar situations to my own. As a current student of music and theology, I have taken the opportunity to do some research work as a chaplain in a mental health facility. That’s been more eye opening for me. I intent to further my studies with psychology and find whatever ways I can to facilitate help for those with mental health disabilities and their families, and to spread the word about the truth of mental health issues wherever I can. Such people need love as much as anyone else. While hospitalised, they receive very little, if any, affection. In the wider community their bad behaviour is not understood. I never realised that some people simply cannot be trained how to behave appropriately. They just don’t get it. Now that I know this, I see it as something I can share from my own personal experience. So…..I want to be fit in body, soul and spirit to effectively take this message out there to the world and, God willing, make whatever changes I can in levels of awareness, bridging gaps and hopefully encouraging a greater sense of wholistic community amongst all people.

  38. I do believe God has a purpose for us, we just need to find that purpose. I, too, want to help others with fitness and eating healthy. I also would like to help children so hopefully they can in turn help their parents. I believe if we get the children started on the right path, their futures will greatly benefit.

  39. Tomorrow is my Day 40 and I won’t even be online to celebrate. 🙁 But while I know what my purpose is for now…I still think I am bound to do something greater…just need to hone in on what that might be!

  40. While I know what my purpose is for now…I still think I am bound to do something greater…just need to hone in on what that might be!

  41. I love your passion for children’s fitness~ I’ll take on the mothers and you take on the kids~ after a few years we’ll have reached them all and CHANGED THE WORLD!!!

  42. I think your purpose is amazing!! Keep going after it and you will help a ton of people who are really hurting. God Bless!!

  43. So glad you made the comment about the 5 min MOJO…that IS all it takes…I have had the all or nothing mentality recently and I needed that reminder! Thanks!

  44. I’ve been taking time at work, when I find myself with nothing to do, to do a few squats, or push-ups, and I have some small weights that I will work my biceps/triceps (Thank goodness no one can see into my office!!!!)

  45. It is so great to see someone with so clear a purpose. I know I have a greater purpose I just haven’t found it yet. I am doing my best to be patient until I do.


  46. I know you will find it…while you “wait” take action towards your passions in life 🙂
    God Bless!

  47. I have always strived to identify my purpose and live it. I think that it changes from time to time, and right now I think that God is teaching me patients through parenting and other recent trials.

  48. Good advice! Exercise always makes me feel better and more energized, sometimes it’s just getting started that’s the hard part.

  49. I’m glad you were/are able to carry out your purpose. You inspire me to continue to pursue my goals and dreams. You and the gals in the RR are always in the back of my mind whenever I hear negative things from people around me. I think about all the many women who are are striving to be positive; physically, mentally and spiritually.
    (And yes, even a quick, big muscle work out is better than nothing.)

  50. I want to become a personal trainer so I can help underprivileged obese teenage girls get their bodies on track and not have to live a life filled with the darkness of self-esteem issues due to their body.

  51. WE all have a purpose in life. different purposes at different times in our lives. right now my purpose is to get fit

  52. thanks for the fit tip. i was wondering what to do on those days i couldn’t fit it all in. my purpose right now is to raise faithful, God-loving children who believe THEY have a purpose in life.

  53. I believe we all have a purpose in life. We just have to ask God what that purposes is. Me personally, right now my purpose is to get fit, and be a better mother to my boyz.

  54. yep…I feel like I am in a new “season” in my life every 6 months or so…constant change!

  55. I believe my purpose is to inspire others to be the best they can. I want to share my faith with those around me. I want to have my own personal training business/ and spinning studio. I want to compete in figure. I do not want my daughters to grow up with the body image issues that I had.

  56. Still trying to figure out what my purpose is…i mean i’m sure i’ve figured out some, but for the BIG picture i’m not sure. Whatever it is i need to not burn out doing it as i have a tendancy to go full speed ahead once i get a vision and not stop for anything..incl rests!

  57. Somedays I do wonder what my purpose is. I have not exactly had it easy nor have I had it all that bad. Depends on how you look at it. For the day – my purpose is to Love others. I believe God wanted me to be a nurse to give and nuture others. Somedays I find it challenging. Im nuturing my kids, DH and patients. What about me? Thats why I exercise. Each day I pray for god to help me through the day and be a good person. I know he is watching over me. Doesnt that make you feel so warm and fuzy.

  58. Thanks to you I can do quick, effective workouts at home (I have my weight and my balance ball). I am 50 and feel as fit as I’ve EVER been. This challenge has been an amazing experience!

  59. I am so excited I have succeeded in the 40 days to Fit challenge!! Just two days left, and I have lost 5-1/2 pounds (138 down to 132.5). I see definite changes and I feel so proud of myself. Thanks for all your help, Michelle!!

  60. I keep hearing people say they read Joyce Meyer. Guess I need to get one of her books so I can see what all the talk is about!

  61. Purpose. Yeah, still trying to figure that one out. So glad you found yours though. The RR has really helped me. I haven’t read “reduce me to love” yet. Are you recommending it?

  62. We all do have a purpose, and finding it in the little things as well as the big is the key.

  63. Still searching for my purpose…i have seen the prayer of jabez but havent read it i will have to check it out as well as reduce me to love
    I have been trying to read something from the bible several times a week
    Thanks for the suggedtions. It always helps to know that others have struggled with simmilar troubles ad yourself and overcome them!

  64. Typing from a Garmin phone is making me look stupid:-) I just saw all my typos! Yikes! Sorry. 🙂

  65. It is a wonderful thing finding your purpose from God. It definitely is a journey though. One worth taking.

  66. I met my husband 7 years ago. It took an additional four years of just being good friends and many many obsticles before we actually became a couple. I once asked him why it took so long for us to get together and he replies “because we are not the same people we were when we first met. We had to go thru things in our lives that lead us to be together that’s why we were always meant for eachother. God’s got it figured out 😉 ”
    I thought that was so romantic and insightful…

  67. Way to go!! I still have my workout to do tonight- Upper body, ABS and a run outside!! WHOHOOO!!!

  68. I agree that God has a purpose for everyone he gives life too. I’m still searching for my purpose…don’t know when I will find it, but I try and follow his path!

  69. I agree! Finding my purpose is wonderful! I am a therapist and I love what I do – helping people grow is such a rewarding career!

  70. I’m not sure I’ve got only one purpose, so I keep my heart and mind open to the possibilities. sometimes I’m frustrated, other times I feel free, just living in the moment.

  71. I too keep my mind open, but I also really strive to focus my efforts towards a truly productive goal. ENJOY THE JOURNEY!!

  72. I’m feeling pretty low at the moment. It’s just a cold but it’s really rocked me as I’m never normally ill.
    So this has made me think about my ‘purpose’. I never thought I’d be a mum but I absolutely love it and I feel like its my only purpose at the moment. Perhaps it’s my calling???
    I know there’s more for me…..I just don’t know what yet!

  73. There is more, I feel like God always has MORE in store for us than we can possibly imagine. I’m glad I got you thinking and I AGREE that being a MOM is a HUGE calling!!

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