I believe even thistles have beautiful flowers :)

I believe thistles have beautiful flowers 🙂  Isn’t that amazing…that a horrible icky weed like thistles can have VERY beautiful flowers?!  I was running outside today around the yet to be built area of our neighborhood and the lots were full of TALL thistles…and noticed how pretty the purple flowers were on them.  God probably made them that way as a reminder that even things (or people) in life that poke us, hurt us, stick us, cut us, etc…. still can produce beautiful flowers!!

Another thing I was blessed with today on my run was the smell of HONEY SUCKLE flowers- YUMMY!!!

In total I ran further than usual and slower than usual also– for a total of 4 miles…and I don’t even know how much time, but I didn’t really care about that today.

Then after my run, I did running of another sort–ERRANDS! Shower, bathe 3 girls, cut 3 girls hair, fixed 3 blonde’s hair, went to the: Library, movie store, Gunner to his friend’s and to another store.  It was about 2 hours in the van~ Now I am ready to relax as my little girlies play in their little pool.

It has been a GREAT DAY!!
Enjoy your evening~ I am gonna!!!

Love ya, Michelle

Belief quote of the day:

“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities.” -Voltaire



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  1. Love you all!!

    All things do work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. It’s our way of seeing.

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