I love~

My Belief for today- to the RR girls: I Believe I LOVE YOU ALL!! It is fun to have such great friends like you~ and it is really fun to realize I truly LOVE YOU!!

My day has been GREAT!!
I worked out with my SIL again this morning- we did an upper body workout:

Bench, Lat pulls, rows, pull downs, db lat raises, upright rows, abs,

then I came home and RAN- 4 times around my block with some intervals thrown in there (2.8miles). It was perfect~

Now I am heading out the door to meet up with my DH at my SIL’s house for a lunch “meeting”…we have a project that is going to ROCK!! I’ll share more about it as it progresses~
Life is good~

Love you all from the bottom of my HEART~



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